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First contact

Kinda burnt myself on writing a little while ago with a letter to a friend who I haven't heard from in ages. But I still wanted to show up for all my fans out there and jot down something that happened today.

I've mentioned a friend a couple times in past posts who appeared to be ignoring/avoiding me. It was really starting to bother me because I had no idea why. Well, last nite I checked an e-mail account which doesn't get any traffic and that I planned to delete in time anyway and here I find a couple messages from her about two weeks old. One mentioned all the stuff she had been busy with since her trip to Tennessee shortly after our last conversation. The other was a direct response to my phone call that pretty much demanded to know what was going on. It turns out, she had somehow forgotten my phone number and primary e-mail address. I suppose that was possible what with all the stress she had been going through a couple months ago. I'm just relieved to finally hear back from her again. So I called tonite and we talked for about a half hour and got things straightened out. She's taking classes out of town some nights and others she's working with a friend in his band writing and singing songs. Now hopefully we can get back on track and hit mah jongg club again next month among other things.

Among other things, I'm still recovering from B-fest. I still feel like I lost a week of my life somewhere back there but the calendar says different. (crazy, stuck up calendar) I'm stiff and sore here and there and forewent my nightly workout tonite in favour of shoveling the several inches of new snow which began accumulating almost immediately after I had my car washed midday today. That didn't take to long to clear away after work tonite but as I pulled in my driveway I noticed that it looked like someone had plowed half of it. Just drove up one side with the plow down. There was still an inch or so on top of that but it was still nice of whoever did that. Maybe the landlord drove through and plowed driveways that were empty. Or maybe I have a friendly anonymous neighbor. I'd like to find out who it was so I can thank them.

I broke my mailbox key today not a week after they put in a new lock. The key wouldn't go in all the way and as I was fiddling with it it just broke. I left a message at the main office so I should hear back in the morning. I'll try to remember to ask about the plowing then too.

I should also try to remember to make a dental appointment which I've been promptly forgetting to do each time I remind myself. Last time I was there they said I should have some very minor work done and I asked them to check to see if my insurance would cover it and let me know. I've never gotten a response on that but I'm now overdue for a regular cleaning so I should make an appointment for that too. Why do I never think of these things during office hours?

Anyway, this has gone on longer than I expected but that's ok. I just forgot how I was gonna end this paragraph.

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