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"Has this ever happened to you?" dept.

I've been taking my work breaks outside lately. This week started out miserable & humid but Wednesday cleared up & it's been gorgeous ever since. I'm talking about the kind of days where you step outside & the air just hits you. You suddenly realize how beautiful it is outside & want to abandon whatever plans got you out of the house in the first place & just stay there to enjoy the day. The sky is just the right shade of blue hidden by just the right amount of white fluffy clouds underscored by the living green from the neighbour's yard to the trees on the horizon. It's been like that.

The building where I work is in a newer developed area on the current edge of the city, so I can still see trees in most directions beyond the carefully manicured & landscaped lawns of the surrounding businesses. Break time at my job begins when the first workload of the shift is completed which is right around sunset. I've seen a lot of beautiful sunsets from the huge dock door in my department but the entire outer wall of the break area is made of windows which afford a better view. Better still is the grassy area just beyond the patio. It rises steeply up several feet, then curves smoothly back down a couple dozen more to the parking lot of the business next door. This longer slope faces north & is my current favourite place to rest & relax at work.

Today was much the same as yesterday work-wise & I clocked out for break just after the sun had sunk below the trees to the far west. There was still more than ample light abound so I went again to my area of flattened grass midway down the opposite side of the slope beyond the patio to finish reading the final chapter in The Face in the Frost. It didn't take long & when I finished I lazily stretched out on the grass to watch the clouds, the jet trails & the changing colours on the horizon. I was so relaxed & comfortable I wasn't even bothered by the dry & brittle pokes of the yellow grass that was wilting due to little rain. Twenty minutes or more I laid there, dreamily dazed & without a care as long as I could have my moment of peace.

Light was fading & as I watched a second jet trail across the sky I heard an emergency vehicle siren in the direction of the highway. It approached, made some odd chirps & honks & curiously went silent. A couple minutes later I noted the time & realized I should be finding my way back to the time clock to punch back in. As I sat up I saw an ambulance coming down the road, siren off but lights still flashing. The road dead-ends not far after my company's driveway so I stayed to watch where it would go. It turned up my company's driveway.

It was getting close to clock-in time so I went inside to do so, commenting on the ambulance to coworker Pat, still in the break area. I then hurried over to the office windows to see where the vehicle went. It did a U-turn at one end of the parking lot & went around the other side of our building where I work. I started to worry.

I hurried back outside toward my department to follow it & see if it would just go around & exit via the other access road or stop somewhere. Halfway there I headed toward a side door that was now open & as I neared, coworker Todd came out, flanked by two people I didn't recognize. They were EMTs. Todd asked if I was ok & I asked if he was all right. When the ambulance arrived our people had made a rush to find one-another & apparently everyone was accounted for. No one was hurt, there was no medical emergency to speak of. Everything was fine.

I walked the EMTs back through the building to the dock door where they had parked & where my assistant supervisor was just beginning to panic. Evidently, a nearby neighbour or passerby had seen a person laying unconscious somewhere on the property & called 911 to send help. Hence, the ambulance.

The ambulance was for me.

While I was laying in the grass drinking in the evening air & dreaming my little dreamy daydreams someone must have seen me & thought I was at clawing desperately at death's door. Instead of coming over to check on their suspicions or at the very least calling out "Hey! Are you ok!?" they sent an ambulance for me. The EMTs didn't mind. They were friendly & good humoured, & glad for an opportunity to get outside on such a lovely evening. As was I. It was a little embarrassing, but no worse for the wear for anyone, & the excitement kept things interesting on a slow night.

The night tho', is still beautiful. The stars are out & needs them some gazing. And I's gonna do it. It's dark now so there is less chance of being interrupted, whether I need an ambulance or not.

- E V I L O U T -

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