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A few weeks ago at work I discovered a small stack of daily planner books in an innocuous place in the break area at work. I took one since there were several & apparently left there by a vendor along with the remains of a fruit basket or some such snack. It was of a convenient size & the soft cover was pleasant to the touch. I don't normally use the things but the cover could be removed & it included a thick pad of notepaper. It has remained in my backpack since. I am finding, however, that it is coming in more useful than I originally planned. Not so much for planning ahead but for making notes on what I've been & where I've done. This becomes incredibly useful for when I don't post for weeks at a time. However, I didn't begin this notation until not long ago so Memorial Day weekend is getting fuzzy.

Anyway, oh! For those who have been waiting on the edge of their seats for my response to the news that's been going around this past week, that will be for another post. This is just my usual weekend ramblings. Anyway, my parents left last Tuesday to undisclosed location for indeterminate length of time so I agreed to house-sit & take messages for them. This did not prove to be too much trouble since I was making daily trips to town anyway to take care of Thea's & her mom's fish while they were away camping. Tho' taking in the newspaper was much easier than tending to several species of aquatic life. I filled an entire page with detailed notes on how to feed & tend to the four tanks that required the most attention. This included keeping frozen mysis & delphinia in my freezer & thawing just before heading over to their place. Then adding a garlic solution, separating the thawed food from the liquid & feeding with a turkey baster. I swear that alone is enough to keep me from ever keeping fish again. My largest concern was that there would be some disaster or some mistake of mine would kill something important. But they returned to find everything fed & healthy & I was thus relieved of my duties & allowed to return to my usual daily schedule of oversleeping.

I had been looking forward to Saturday for many a month. Due to conflicting schedules it's been very difficult for all four of us to set a date but somehow it finally fell together. Long ago sacredspud, henrietta1 & matt_william agreed to get together one day & enjoy The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, a neo-B-movie done in the style of & made to parody classic B-movies of the '50s. It's very entertaining & because I'm lazy I'll let the website speak for itself. After some Papa Murphy's pizza we followed up with Them!, the classic giant ant movie. It was done well but unfortunately dragged a bit whenever the ants weren't on screen. I missed bits & pieces toward the end because I needed to prepare to record an Internet radio broadcast, mentioned below. The ants, of course, were eventually defeated in an exciting yet anticlimactic manner & peace restored to the countryside. . . for now.

I've been talking about the band Dead Last for quite some time but due to their glacial timing there has been little to show for their work. I've shown a few of you their first song release in various stages of completion but still not much is known about this obscure underground rock band. They aren't out yet, for one thing. And they are still waiting for the perfect moment to show themselves to the world. But this Saturday we got a glimpse of them in their first interview. My dear friend Sheri & her accomplice Stone were in studio for a live interview at JFL Radio in New York. This is the first official public appearance of Dead Last & the first time any of you will be able to hear the voice of this Sheri person I've been talking about for ages. The interview is 102 minutes long & punctuated by their regular music program. Regrettably, there is no Dead Last music to be heard (yet!) but there is a shoutbox on the main webpage where you can request music. This is why you hear Frank Zappa somewhere in the middle of the track & why they mention Evil Jim from time to time. The DJ periodically checks the website shoutbox for input on the show & more questions for whom they are interviewing. I like the interactive aspect & the music is ok, but unfortunately the DJ, Lizard, is loud & obnoxious. So listen for the guests, not the hosts. I've uploaded the entire show -- music & all -- to YouSendIt.com so it should be available for several more days. Enjoy. Just follow the link below & look for the download button.

Dead Last on JFL Radio 06-02-07

Sunday saw even more movies. Thea & I planned to get together tho we didn't have any more specifics agreed upon then that. I browsed the Onion & found a movie she wanted to see at a theater I wanted to see & we were set. Before the show we made it to Pel Meni's for dumplings & toured the rest of State Street in the rain. A search for some bacteria culture for tea took us to three different health food stores (also in the rain) but all we found was a pre-made mix & 1 ¾ lbs of malted milk balls. It rained all into the afternoon but the theater advertised shows rain or moonshine so we were unperturbed. The place: Hi-Way 18 Outdoor Theater, the movies, Shrek the Third & Blades of Glory. Neither movie I held particular interest in seeing but it was a double feature for the standard evening price so I couldn't complain.

The theater has a fairly good sized yard to park in with a single screen of moderate size. The concession stand & projection booth are in the center & the lawn is fairly well kept. The snack bar offers more than standard fair with hot-dogs, pizza, burgers & even veggie burgers along with the usual popcorn & candy. Overall it's a good setup & I plan to return again this summer. The real treat for me tho' was the pre-show countdown which began with a classic Chuck Jones Road Runner cartoon. I was so thrilled I stood out in the rain under my umbrella to watch while waiting for the cooks to prepare my burger basket. Following the cartoon was a reel of vintage drive-in theater shorts promoting the rules of the theater, concession stand & how to have a good time there. Then a final 10 minute countdown to the show, each with it's own animated vignette. Sheer delight. Then the trailers for new releases & finally the feature presentation. All of this was much, much more entertaining & rewarding than the advertisements thinly veiled as a trivia slide-show in any other theater.

Surprisingly, I enjoyed both movies. Shrek wasn't nearly as bad as the reviews warned it to be & I'd never heard of Blades so there was no time for foreboding. I don't need to buy the DVDs but I still consider them time well spent. And the first time at a drive-in theater in 20 years would have made nearly any feature worth the trip.

Right now? It's after four AM & I should really start thinking about bed. Hopefully in the near future I'll have more time for better entries. Until then,

- E V I L O U T -
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