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Silent Movie marathon!

Ok, so the silent film show is a go!

WHO? Evil Jim Presents:

WHAT? An all-day (& night) showing of silent films to delight & entertain you.

WHEN? This Saturday, May 5th, starting at TWO O'clock.

WHERE? The House of Evil

WHY? Because Evil Jim is suddenly obsessed with silent film & wants to share.

  • I'll get some pizzas made up from Papa Murphy's. The popcorn shal flow like water.

  • One need not stay for the entire show to partake. A variety of films will be played (listed below) along with bonus mystery shorts!

  • Providing I get my DVDs from Amazon on time, the partial playlist is as follows. Some of these films aren't very long so there should be time for others not mentioned:

    Mel Brooks Silent Movie
    (comedy mystery short/s)
    The Call of Cthulhu
    (sci-fi mystery short)
    (mystery short)
    Safety Last!
    And if anyone is left, Nosferatu very late.

Please leave me a note so I know how many of you to expect.

Harold Lloyd in Safety Last!
See you there.

- E V I L O U T -
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