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In search of Metropolis

Got to spend much of the day with the_tick27 today, which will likely become a rare occurrence soon now that he has found a new apartment. He treated us to lunch at Ella's Deli & we spent the afternoon shopping. He to check out entertainment centers & other furniture for his new place & I for Metropolis on DVD. We both found several treasures at PrePlayed but the version of Metropolis I wanted was nowhere to be found. I may have to purchase it online & have it delivered rushley.

Interest for the Silent Movie Marathon seemed to be a bit low, but I eventually remembered that nearly all of the regular posters on my Friends list are at No Brand Con this weekend & likely unavailable for Internet polls. The marathon is a sure thing now, but unless there's a flurry of interest I'll likely just organize it with the four or five others who will most want to come. Updates to follow.

Among the treasures I found (that were NOT Metropolis) are the Jimmi Hendrix Experience box set that I've been eying for a few years, my very own special DVD of Who Framed Roger Rabbit & the entire first season of The War of the Worlds TV series from 1987, thus expanding my WotW film collection by 18 hours. This last set should be quite entertaining as the episode summaries purport that not only did the 1953 Martian attack depicted in the George Pal movie actually happen, but also the one in 1938 reported on CBS radio. My goodness, why haven't I picked these up sooner? I suppose next in the search will be the series The Tripods which I originally watched on PBS back in the mid 80s. Interesting to note that while searching for that link I found that a new movie is in production for release in 2009. Perhaps DVDs of the series will be out by then.

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