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Cthulhu Cthursday

Today was pretty easy & slow at work, but I still didn't get out in time to see Grindhouse with the_tick27. If not tomorrow then definitely this weekend as a finale to the Wisconsin Film Festival which began today. I plan to spend both days seeing as many films as I can, program guide in hand & eyes wide with anticipation. Until then I have one more sleep-eat-work to get through.

As I write this it is early on Friday the 13th of April, but my bad luck happened earlier this week. Monday I found my car battery dead half an hour before I was to arrive at work. Some of my readers may have found me on their caller ID that day without a message. Tick was the first person to actually answer & was available right away to jump-start my car. He even brought me some Vault Zero. AAA may tow your car but they don't do squat to quench your thirst. Thanks again Tick!

All I will say about Tuesday is that I hope the Three Second Rule still applies for an entire pizza.

Easter was pretty good, & about standard as far as my family goes. We coloured eggs on Saturday eve & dined with family Sunday, etc, etc. I didn't sleep at all Saturday night which left me weary all day Sunday & not very fun to visit with. I don't know why I couldn't sleep this time, tho' I usually have trouble doing so in my bed at Grandma's. I made good use of the time, getting a lot of stuff done in Animal Crossing, reading much more in the Chronicles of Narnia & getting in some other game time. Eventually I heard my Dad get up. It was light out by then so I went out to visit & start my day.

Anyway, I still had fun, regardless. I introduced my mom, to Electroplankton & The New Super Mario Brothers on the DS where she played for a few hours while family was visiting. It's fun to see my parents enjoy things like that. They haven't played console games since my SNES was set up & since then.... well, Mom has After Dark Games & Bejeweled.

Oh yeah! The whole reason I bring up Easter is that John Brownlee of The Table of Malcontents really liked my Easter egg. It's a Cthulhu Cthursday!

I'm going into town tomorrow to sign some paperwork for my parents. It's a pretty big deal & I don't know how I feel about it just yet. Nothing will change in our immediate lives because of it but the significance is notable. They've revised their will & I'm officially going to be on it. I say "officially" because the last time they made one out there was a clause that read "in event of child". So yeah, it was about time. I'm just going to drop by, sign whatever, visit & move on. I really don't like to contemplate my parents' mortality. It's inevitable, but there's no sense in letting it make me miserable now.

Got my Federal tax return last week. I've been carrying it to & from work in my bag all this while, which was probably unwise. State came a few days after I filed with H&R & I had a tiny spending spree. 90% of Federal is going to pay off a good chunk of my home loan. That will be such a relief to finally kill off. Since I've been so vigorous about paying off the loan so little of my payments are going toward the interest that it won't last much longer. Paying a 20 year loan in five would be awesome. Now how about getting a 600 word entry done within four hours. I'll have to work on that when I'm not as distracted.

- E V I L O U T -

Did anyone else build a snowman this week? I did. I'm still waiting for the furniture.

Fuck! I just discovered my goddamn neighbours have cut down all the trees on the west side of my house. I hate them now.
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