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Two Timing the weekend

I began archiving all of my old journal posts tonite. This isn't a very complex task but it is rather boring & time consuming. Thankfully I have only six more months to archive since I began saving posts to doc files the first time around. It's as simple as hitting "edit" on each entry & copying the text over to a blank document file, then saving.

Reviewing all these older entries stresses to me how often I posted when I first opened my account; one or two a day for the first several months. It tapers off a bit during the first summer but more often or not I've posted on a given day. Nowadays it's pretty sporadic. The work schedule doesn't help but it's an awesome excuse not to get anything done.

Try as I might I couldn't get anyone to join me for MST3C this weekend so I went alone. A working knowledge of ancient warfare is not needed to enjoy this film. In fact, ignorance of it actually preferable. Along with history, physics, human anatomy & proper storytelling techniques, just to name a few. 300 however, is adapted from a comic book & therefore has the look & feel of it through & through. The latter I suppose can forgive the former, but there was still plenty of tooth grinding throughout the latter half of the film. This isn't all to say I didn't enjoy it, but like Snakes on a Plane I won't need to see it again.

I did some shopping earlier today having still in my possession a gift card from sacredspud for a favourite used book store & one from crabmoon for Noodles with a few dollars left. It's probably best I went alone because I spent a lot of time browsing while waiting for the 6:45 showtime. I nearly disappointed myself at the bookstore because I had a coupon for 50% off any one item good today only & found merely a single DVD upon which to use it. I had hoped to find some rare & ancient tome of blasphemous knowledge kept under lock & key with which to use both coupon & card, but left only with Goldginger on DVD.

Preplayed & Best Buy also yielded up some treasures, but, as usual, not the ones I entered with the intention of finding.

I tried contacting a number of people Saturday but only saw matt_william & henrietta1. I visited Matt at his dad's store to chat & deliver his very own R2-D2 USPS papercraft mailbox. Instead of going out to a movie later Sarah joined me for a very late lunch or a rather early supper of scalloped potatoes & vegetables (ham being potentially hazardous this time.) She also brought over her thumb drive & shared with me many wonderful treasures she's found while exploring the Internet. Plus lots & lots of links, some of which can be found here and here. We finished with an episode of MST3K, Master Ninja, which she will now be able to watch on her home computer thanks to the generous donation of a DVD drive by SCS. Hooray for all!

Two Timer played in Newville that night & I was there for most of the show despite the thundering rainstorms & raining thunderstorms. It cleared up later on but the second set opened with some wicked kewel guitar solos accented by a fury of lightening. Their show is stronger now than it was a year or so ago & I hope they keep it up. It gives them better gigs & keeps them in top form. Looks like the next performances are three & four weeks away. I'll try to hit one of them since it's pretty much the only way I can see my friend Michelle. Also, they rock.

And suddenly...

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