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Indeed! The storms have been punishing the area all afternoon & night. It has been a steady torrent of rain & lightning for the past few hours with no end in sight. Raindrops are throwing splashes three feet back into the air. There was hail earlier and at least five full minutes of it, as opposed to the usual thirty seconds or so I've seen in thunderstorms of the summer. I was a bit surprised at the sudden violence of the deluge, especially since we had so much snow a few scant weeks ago but after all, yesterday was the first day of spring. And spring in Wisconsin is just winter & summer fighting to see who comes next.

The first day of spring also marks the anniversary of the day I moved into my new house four years ago. Four years & I'm still not unpacked. I bet I could give away most of the stuff in my back room & not miss it. I swear, one of these days I'm going to clean it out & turn it into a spare bedroom.

The weekend was quite good. Saturday began & ended with St. Patrick's Day. I breakfasted midday at the local VFW for corned beef & cabbage with my Pa, then sallied north to the Wisconsin Historical Society for the penultimate day of the Retro Arcade Week. I spent a few more hours working on Sinistar & defending my score on Battlezone & when they kicked everyone out & bought some new green Chucks & a new green hat band for my bowler.

That evening & collected my father & we met the_tick27, seanorange, sacredspud, crabmoon & a few more at the High Noon Saloon to see The Kissers perform. The opening act was The Scarring Party, a quintet that played old-timey music with a very old-timey sound (thanks to the CopperPhone. The general consensus in my group was that they might have liked the band if we could have heard them, for the vocals were rather soft & much of the bar was still talking over the music. I went down to the stage where it sounded much better. I'd like to see them again when they return & hopefully I can convince a few more to tag along.

The Kissers were utterly amazing. They started off strong & kept going headlong through two sets & an encore. Nearly all of their songs were fast paced with barely a moment to breathe between. The energy on stage was simply amazing & it spilled down into the crowd as they danced furiously, trying to keep up. Many of the songs had frequent changes in tempo, mainly from furious, to fast & back again. Watching the violin player I was convinced that at some point during the night she would simply saw her instrument in half. That, or it would burst into flames. It did, but thankfully only in spirit & she never let up.

The best place to be was down in the audience in front of the stage. Where there wasn't room to dance people jumped in time to the music & where there wasn't room to jump they bounced or swayed. If you walked to the back of the room or up to the balcony you could still feel the energy, but it would be distilled by the distance & other distractions of people & the bar. I can't remember the last time I went to a live show that was so much "alive."

Needless to say I bought CDs from both bands & have been enjoying them since. I'm even sending one to my friend Anjean as part of a "thanks for being awesome" package. Unfortunately that's run a little late since I haven't had adequate time this week to put the final touches on it. And speaking of time, it's getting late & I have other things to do before I go to bed. Argh. Time to cut this thing short.

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