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I HUNGER! Therefore, I LIVE!

It's really too late to be dinking around on LJ since I haven't done anything I need to do tonite before I sleep but I just feel a need to write & that doesn't happen often enough while the means are at my hands.

I made my big hit at the arcade today, & by "arcade" I mean the Wisconsin Historical Society. The Retro Arcade Week has only a couple more days left, the last one being this Sunday, or possibly Monday. I'd been planning this venture all week because the two times I went last weekend were just before closing & I didn't have time to spread out. Today I spent plenty of quarters & finally got some good practice in on Sinistar, topping my personal best several times, entering my initials into the top ten or fifteen slots & hitting over 70,000 points on my best overall. Still far from the 124,000 point record for the museum but with a few more dollars I could get much closer. I did however break the museum's best for Battlezone! The score itself isn't anything to brag about considering my normal records for the game but it's still impressive when you see the condition of the game at the museum. The display is very dim making it very difficult to see anything on screen that isn't being highlighted in-game, like the targeting HUD or title screen. This means I had only radar for guidance until enemies were immediately in front of me. Thus, any score at all above a couple lucky shots are notable indeed. Especially since the machine faced a bank of lights, thus adding glare to the already poorly illuminated screen. I want to go back to defend my high score & work on Sinistar some more but it's a busy weekend already. I may just have to cross my fingers & wait to see if they contact me. After the week is over recordholders receive some sort of recognition and a promotional T-shirt. This would do greatly to brighten up my week.

But it would seem I'm recognized already, at least by a couple of the museum staffers. I'd only played one quarter today (and agreed to teach the below mentioned young woman how to play Sinistar) when I realized my backpack would be much of a burden to carry around all day. I dropped it off behind the front desk & was immediately approached by a young man with a clipboard wanting to interview me for the Badger Herald. -- If anyone reads this publication please save a copy for me if you see anything about the Arcade week. -- Then a staffer with another clipboard asked if I'd like to fill out a form in case they wanted to use my comments in a review of the week or something when it's all over. Add to that my wandering back to the whiteboard for a couple hours to check on top scores & then my own top score later on & well, a few of them know me by name now.

Something I've found interesting through my time at the museum/arcade is the interest in young women for the above mentioned Sinistar. I've seen others playing earlier & twice now I have been asked by very attractive girls to teach them how to play once they have seen my own affinity toward the game. It's a surprise & a delight to instruct & then see my students excel. It's one of those games that's very difficult & a pain in the ass at first but once you figure it out & get some practice in it just gets more & more fun. I'm improving much myself at the GBA & PS2 home versions but they'll never compare the original arcade console. I hunger for more Sinistar

Play the official online version of Sinistar here (applet is slowed down from original arcade version)

Play Atari's official online version of Battlezone here. (get free logins from BugMeNot.com) (sped up slightly from original arcade version.)

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