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Evil Jim

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12:30 am: Snow was made for those who don't have to drive in it
So why am I writing this entry in little more than my underwear? Everything else was soaked with either snow or sweat. As soon as I came in I struck straight toward the guest bath & undressed right there in the tub, leaving my clothes hanging to dry out in the warmest room in the house.

I had already shoveled once this afternoon for the remnants of last night's snow. I made my way out shortly after for groceries & finished just as the wind picked up & roads began to blow over. It wasn't long before you could hardly tell I'd shoveled.

A little after midnite I went out again for an early morning trudge. I couldn't recall ever doing that out of anything but necessity before. I've strolled through many a summer thunderstorm but nary a blizzard. A blizzard indeed it is for it has been snowing sideways for the past eight hours or more & shows no signs of stopping. This is more like the winters I remember from my childhood, tho' I was rarely allowed outside during the brunt of it. I'm looking forward to seeing what it all looks like once daylight returns.

After some chores, a homemade dinner (for a change) & half of the movie Se7en (when the PS2 got finicky) I decided on a lark to go up the hill to the mailbox. I brought the scoop shovel & needed it now & then to make my way through some of the deeper drifts. There was no mail for me today so I continued on along the road that goes all the way through my neighborhood. It's lovely outside. The snow gleams silver in great rounded bulks whose arms reach out into roads & yards like greedy fingers trying to snatch an unwary traveler. The snow & ice stings against the face but is not so cold as to be dangerous for short periods. My glasses fogged & iced but I left them on for protection, only removing them when my back was to the wind. I made my way to the park & tried out the swing set, digging a deep trench with my heels as I swung forth & back, laughing at the storm. Lightning & thunder occasionally rumbled overhead, but was more beautiful than threatening.

Rather than retrace my steps I climbed uphill through a yard & found myself standing on the quiet & desolate highway, drenched in blowing snow & the gruesome orange of the street lamp. A lone car trundled by. I thought of waving to them but instead just stood with shovel in hand & watched as they drove by. I hope they made it home safe.

I made it home safe. When I reached the driveway I could barely see my own footprints leading away. The strong winds are bad enough but with yesterday's snow still unpacked & this torrential downpour of new snow it is utterly awful for travel, but perfect for a winter wonderland. Too bad this all happened after I decided I was ready for spring. :P

Current Music: Pink Floyd @ Live 8
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