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Goodbye, Hydra. I'll sortof miss you.

And with the passing of Tuesday, Hydra, the third & last of my fish is gone. I now have a few hundred dollars worth of useless aquarium stuff occupying valuable piano space in my living room. Any takers?

No, Hydra is not dead. The little black tennis ball is still alive & well & now the largest (& probably most terrified) occupant of a tank in an aquarium store on Madison's west side. Thea & I stopped by on an errand last weekend & Shawn the manager was willing to take her any time. He's on very good terms with Thea & obviously knows what he's doing when it comes to fish so I knew that not only would she (the fish) have a good home there but he would be sure she would go to a good home when she was sold. He was even kind enough to give me $10 in store credit which I will pass along to Thea as I won't need it. It's such a relief to finally have the task done & I can reclaim a part of my life (& my living room) that I've wanted for some time.

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