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Evil Jim

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04:20 pm: Ow. Crap, OW!
The only reason I'm writing at this moment is to see how comfortable it is to sit at my computer. Some may ask why I need to test that now after the hundreds of hours I've already been here in the past 3+ years but something has changed.

My astute readers may note the time of this post is in close proximity to the designated hour which I am required to begin work at my job. The reason this post is being written at the time I am normally commuting is simple: MY BACK FREAKING HURTS!

I left the house half an hour ago just to put my bag in my vehicle & begin removing the snow from its body & windows. I also endeavored to clear a bit more of the driveway to make perambulation to & from the door that much easier. Unfortunately, in my haste I attempted to lift a scoop shovel full of show while leaning a bit too far forward & thus you have my present condition. Now I can do little more than sit or stand motionless without discomfort. I don't dare risk driving anywhere.

I've already left voice messages with my supervisor at work to let him know I won't be in today & to ask my folks to please deliver one of my Dad's canes to make it easier for me to get about my own home. If my condition has not improved by this evening I'll call the clinic for treatment. During the meanwhilst, anyone wanna come over & watch movies or something? I'm not going anywhere for a little while.

- E V I L O U T -

I recently discovered a short film from Japanese director Kosai Sekine called "The Right Place". It appealed to me in a number of ways but even more so now that I've injured my back. I can see why it won Best Short Film at Cannes last year. The embedded video lies under the cut.

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Date:February 12th, 2007 11:44 pm (UTC)
Unfortunately, I'm not available tonight, but I hope you feel better soon. Back injuries are just as unpleasant as they are common (in other words "pretty damned"), and you're not one of the people on whom I'd wish one.
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