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You like to read, don't you?

I'm currently chewing on some gum called (I'm not making this up) "Sweetie." It has a pleasant lemon flavour and a picture of about five of them on the label, tho' the peel is green suggesting unripe lemons. Despite the packaging, I rather like the stuff and will buy more if I find it. I say "if" because it's a Japanese import that I bought at Mitsuwa Marketplace the last time I was there in July. This weekend I will be traveling again to Chicago's fair city to shop at Mitsuwa and attend B-Fest. If you don't know what that is by now go back and read the posts. I'm not your mother.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to both B-Fest and the shopping. In regards to the later there are a number of items I would like to purchase such as more rice bowls and cups decorated with the season characters. I decided I liked the ones I got last time enough to collect a matching set. Of course, there's also the Japanese candy and snack foods of which I always buy wayyy much more than I should. But where else can you find a Chee-toes like snack that tastes just like pancakes and maple syrup? Or those ginger cookies I'm addicted to, or little cookies that look just like hamburgers, or a sports drink called "Pocari Sweat" or gum called "Sweetie"? Where? Huh? I didn't think you knew. It'll be fun. There's a lot of stuff there and one can spend an hour entertaining themselves on the Engrish factor alone. Hmm, the way I'm talking about it, you'd think the movies are a second to the shopping. Well, I'll give a report later with a full list of what I buy.

One other thing I get to look forward to on the way down to Chicago is spending three hours in a car with Sarah B. Whether that's a good thing or not I've yet to find out but I'll know soon enough. Tho' I've seen her at A-club every week for over a year we really haven't talked all that much. Last Saturday I gave her a roll of toilet paper in appreciation for all the crap she has to deal with in running the club and forums and whatever else in between. She seemed to enjoy that and even bewildered me with a hug, but I think the past week was particularly stressful what with the new semester of anime coming up and all the different problems that arise when people have limited or varied access to information regarding the club outside of actual showings. There were a number of major issues that arose on the forums regarding how the anime was selected and voted upon and it couldn't have been fun sorting through it all and trying to create a system fair for everyone. It still isn't the best (not even close) but I still got to see anime Saturday and that made me happy.

(I should probably put this gum away. I've gone through four slices already. I don't throw it away when I'm done either. That can't be too good.)

Ah yes, the new showings of anime are now under way. It was a busy day for me and that was the finale. I started out early so Shimatta and I could start work on my cosplay for Anime Central 2004. We stopped at several clothing and secondhand stores and got a general idea of what we'd be up against for assembling the costume. There's still a lot to go but we manages to find some nice charcoal grey slacks that will require only minor alteration. I think the next difficult step will be finding just the right coat in the proper size and colour. There was only one we came across that would have worked had it met those requirements but now we know what to look for. I think the hardest part will be making the armor which will probably all have to be handmade from scratch. I have access to plenty of

Ode to Cardboard

Cardboard boxes are just grand,
They're made of cardboard, paper and
some tape, some glue, a sticker there...
Just take a look, they're everywhere!

Cardboard boxes are just great,
The perfect thing for hauling freight.
They're folded up when they are through,
The bailer they are put into.

When into a bundle tied
They are quickly hauled outside
By Evil Jim, big and strong,
Who has worked here far too long.

Every day is just the same,
He has cardboard on the brain.

©1998 Evil Jim

but I'm not that skilled and have little experience with creative shaping. Naugahyde™ would be ideal for the final look being soft and flexible yet firm and easy to find in the perfect colour but neither Shimatta or I would be able to work with it. Darn these primitive human hands.

I'm still optimistic about getting the costume done on time. I think my part will be more financial and treasure hunting for the proper pieces as we need them. Shimatta will be doing all or most of the sewing unless I can sucker my mom or another A-club member into helping. Ugh, I still feel like I don't know where to begin.

After the initial search it was time to head out for our other stops which included 20th Century Books where I finally found the last few volumes of Oh My Goddess! I needed to complete my collection. It's good to have the entire story on one shelf. I don't quite consider myself otaku yet but if I'm not careful I'll be quickly on my way. There are several series that I'm following in manga and anime and once I complete a set of one I find something new so it's a never-ending process. Still, it's a worthwhile hobby and the enjoyment lasts longer than drugs (tho' it may not be as cheap ^_^;;)

We found the video room with plenty of time to spare and joined in the festivities of the pre-show bull session and game time. I took a moment to scarf my healthful dinner of Taco Bell fixin's while looming ominously over the Trivial Pursiut: Lord of the Rings edition to listen to the questions. I think I would have gotten most of them right given enough time (not to read through the books again but at least enough to think over the questions since it's been a year now since I read the books) but it was a fast game with big Tolkien fans. I drifted around and talked to people I hadn't seen in a few months and returned some things I borrowed, like Tom's DVD of Evangellion which I silently cursed him for introducing to me because I'll probably end up buying the entire series someday. Shimatta got his stack of manga and DVDs back and now the only loaner I have left is Outlaw Star which will have to wait on my rack until I see Josh, hopefully sometime next month.

The "organizational meeting" was short and not very productive but I think I'll start attending more of those to see if I can contribute anything to how things are run. The new "Complaint Book" surprised me but I don't think it will help much. It would be better to start from the ground up on a new selection and voting system

Of the series selected to preview there were only a few that I'd heard enough about to look forward to. Onegai Teacher, Sorcerer Hunters and Last Exile all looked really good in one way or another but there were others I now want to see more of. Here are some of my impressions of what we watched:

Jungle wa Itsumo: wG described this as "like Excel Saga but easier to tolerate. I took offence to this because I love Excel, craziness and all. Still, I see where she got her comparison because it's very strange, wacky and quite fun from the one episode we saw. I will have to find this one on my own someday.

Onegai Teacher: Pretty much what I expected and I'm glad it made the cut for first half of this semester (however I've since heard that it's very predictable and full of typical fan-service incidents.) I originally saw it all over the place at A-Cen last year but didn't know anything about it at the time.

Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Comlpex: The first episode bored and confused me. I understood it about as much as the movie I saw a few years ago but I've always liked the concept. It dismayed me at first when it won the vote to show the series but having seen the second episode later I'm glad it did. Wow, L337!

Sorcerer Hunters: Oh yeah! This looks like it'll be a blast. It didn't make it but I think I'll buy it whether we show it next semester or not. Wanna have a marathon, Sheree?

Azumanga Daioh: Um, young girls in their everyday school life. Kindof fun but didn't grab me enough to want to see much more. It didn't make it anyway.

Saber Marionette J: This has potential to be something really interesting. Kindof like Trigun with a twist and less ye ol' west aspect. I voted for this but it didn't make the cut either. Again, maybe next semester.

Last Exile: I think most people there including me was looking forward to this and we weren't disappointed. A lot of eye candy but there's a plot as well. There were two comedy's last semester and this time around balanced out with two dramas, being this and GitS.

Ah yes, every passing month finds me sliding closer and closer toward otaku. How long will it take? What will it be like? Will I survive? I've yet to find out but I'm glad I have my friends nearby for support (even those bastards were the ones who got me into this in the first place!!)

- E V I L O U T -

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