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Weekend update in January

So much tired, so much blah. I don't even know if I'll finish this entry but the washing machine is currently has priority over the water so I'm left to wait on my shower.

Set the Wayback™ machine to last Sunday the 14th when much mild-mannered awesome was had. I slept past noon without an alarm due to typical morning icky-feeling (I really shouldn't eat after midnite. Maybe I'm part gremlin.) & plopped in front of the computer until I could shake it off. I found myself watching the whole of the documentary Supersize Me. It would be enough to put me off McDonald's food permanently if I already wasn't avoiding it & I'm not likely to order other junk food any time soon. It's not the direct slam on McDonalds that I was expecting but rather a look at the products of the fast food industry in general & the potential (& very real) health hazards they pose on American consumers. McDonalds is used as an example & writer/director Morgan Spurlock sets an experiment to eat nothing but their food -- three meals a day -- for an entire month. The documentary is as entertaining as it is informative There is plenty of information & statistics but the high points are when Morgan is on camera & enjoying himself. Indeed there was no doubt that the food was good but after two weeks he's getting tired of it & after three he's physically sick. His doctors as well as his vegan girlfriend all strongly advise him to stop for the sake of his health but he survives, makes it through & (eventually) bounces back. I don't normally watch documentaries of this sort but it was quite good. I didn't feel like eating anything afterward but I managed some stew & a sandwich later on during the next movie.

I've been wanting to watch the first installment of the Lord of the Rings trilogy since I finished that book, so having nothing planned but free time & chores I spun it through my PS2 while washing & folding laundry. This was refreshing & rewarding at the same time so I continued by cleaning the aquarium to the tune of X-1 & following up with cooking spaghetti & homemade sauce.

The sauce was rather a challenge as all I had was tomato juice (or puree or something)from my parent's garden & every recipe I could find required tomato paste. I did what I could to season & thicken it & managed a tasty topping for my spaghetti & a hearty meal but it also had the unfortunate after-affect of nasty gas. This has happened before. I'm going to dump the rest of the juice out & stick with the processed canned stuff.

Full, warm & cozy I set myself down on the couch & eventually fell asleep watching Space Ghost. It's rare I have such leisurely peace these days.

Saturday I was a bit more active having invited crabmoon for company while I shopped for gold fabric. matt_william joined us & we lunched at Noodles before exploring JoAnn Fabrics on the East side. I couldn't find anything satisfactory but a quick call to Mom suggested Hobby Lobby on the south side. Lindsay's time was running out so we dropped her off so Matt & I could continue in search for the elusive fabric & other wonders on the West side.

He drove this time, just in time to for the new snowfall, all with bad breaks & windshield wipers. Had I known about the weather I would have driven but we made it without incident. I found some great shiny gold fabric at Hobby Lobby & the above mentioned Space Ghost DVDs at GameStop. But instead of just heading back home we accepted the invite to koriandrkitten's for an evening of games with the_tick27, seanorange & sacredspud.

I think Friday night after work & other nightly routines I fell asleep on the couch reading The Two Towers & awoke at eight in the morning, only to stumble off to bed for a few more hours.

I also think my disjointed ramblings mean I should finally end this & see if the hot water is free for a shower.

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