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Treading hot water

It's been much a stressful day, both physically & emotionally. I had to awaken early because I hired a contractor to adjust my front door & a portion of the floor. I laid about the house all morning & midday in a groggy daze waiting but found no visitors or calls from the workmen before or after I left for work. I'm fairly certain we agreed the work would be done Thursday at ten o'clock and this Thursday at that. I'll call tomorrow with a W & a TF thrown in for good measure.

Having only a few hours of sleep I endeavored to purchase an energy drink on the way to work to help me last the night, but this did not calm my worries. You see, last night I damaged some product at the end of the shift. Nothing was said of it at the time but I spent the rest of that night & all today filled with the dread of the inevitable judgment & lecture to come. Other than that the night passed well. A great night actually, by all standards. The workload wasn't that heavy or complex, everything seemed to fall into place & more importantly, no disasters. We even left early. I expected the lecture at the end of the shift but when all was done my supervisor just said I could go home. It's a bit of a relief (especially since earlier on he devoted some time to teach some important computer functions -- You don't normally waste time training someone you're about to sack.) but I don't think I'm in the clear yet. He might have to report the incident to HR & await a response. I'm less stressed now than I was last night. But no more screw-ups, dammit.

So... um, yeah. I've been rather depressed lately. Probably due to the fact that I haven't been as socially active as I really want. I know I haven't made a lot of calls in attempt to rectify the situation but sometimes it's easier to reach out than others. Mostly I've been huddling here at home reading through BoingBoing & the Table of Malcontents. I'm getting more of The Lord of the Rings read too but still only ten pages at a time. Weird. I was almost productive the other night by continuing on a story that's long overdue past my self-set deadline. I still work on it in my head frequently but it's made little progress to paper since mid-August. I might have gotten more out or at least felt more productive by spending time staring at my notes but something came up & it was put on pause again. It'll get out someday & LiveJournal will be among the first to know, but there is a lot of work left.

Ramble much?

The last time I saw Matt & Colin I saw they were already working on a project I suggested some months ago & thought had long been declined. They're well underway now so I started my part this week. Hopefully I'll have more completed when next we meet.

And now the Friday Five, brought to you by thefridayfive

Mish Mosh!

  1. favorite cereal and why?
    I don't eat much cereal these days. The carbohydrates give me too much energy & I spend the day jittery & jumpy, but I still keep some around. When I do buy cereal I get the cheaper off-brands. I don't get a prize with it any more but since I'm the one buying it now I can spend the money I save on something I know I'll like. Like..... um, change? Anyway, I'm rather fond of Frosted Flakes & other lightly sweetened cereals. When I was young I added lots of sugar to whatever I was dining on along with my cartoons but now I'm too old & lazy to sweeten it myself. Oh! My dad, ever the creative chef, introduced me to the concept of combining Grape Nuts with Cheerios. You see, the Grape Nuts fill in the holes of the Cheerios so no space is wasted. An unfortunate side-effect however is that this combination gives you tremendous gas.

  2. what is the best thing about summer?
    The weather. I love being able to wear whatever I want & not have to change going in or out of doors; leaving the windows open day & night to let the air in; sunshine until nine o'clock at night & walking in warm thunderstorms.

  3. would you rather have a slurpee or a milkshake?
    A milkshake of course. What the hell kind of question is that? Leave the overpriced ice shavings & coloured water to the silly West-coasters.

  4. If you could be a member of any band/musical group, past or present, what band would it be and why?
    If I could actually contribute to this band it has to be Dead Last. Not only because they could benefit from my lyrical genius (ahem) but so I could be even closer to those that will instrument the upcoming changes that will (hopefully) bring the world to a better place.

  5. Who is your idol? What are they famous for?
    Idols don't have to be famous to be inspirational. I don't hold any one person as my idol but my friends all have individual qualities & traits that I admire & could aspire to attain.

E V I L O U T -

Some of my readers may be interested to learn that this weekend (Jan 12th & 13th) The Music Box Theater in Chicago is presenting a showing of the sing-along episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Yes, it's on the big screen with other Buffy related fun. Advance tickets are running low so order now.
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