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So endith the year

NOTE: Half of this entry was written on the second. The rest was tonite. Blah! I suck your felt!

This is basically a full weekend recap but I had such a great time I want to record it all.

Saturday I got up early (meaning: before noon) to go fabric shopping with crabmoon so we could find material for the green wizard outfit she promised to make for me as a belated birthday gift. We found a bolt of cloth that closely matched the photographs I brought along & were delighted to find that the material was even shiny on one side, helping it resemble the original even more. The next step will be finding the appropriate shiny gold fabric for the stars but first thing is first.

We visited until she had to leave for work & I did a bit of shopping on the East side & splurged on lunch at Noodles so I could read more of The Two Towers. I've noticed that whenever I read The Lord of the Rings this time I can barely make it past 10 pages before being interrupted, distracted or running out of time. It's easy enough to explain when that's all I have time for on my breaks at work but it seems to apply everywhere else. I'm still making good time tho' & am nearly half-through the series. It's much more immersive now & most problems I had the last time I read it don't seem to be arising. I made it to the battle of Helm's Deep at Noodles. I'll probably finish that part later today.

My company sent me a $50 gift certificate to Target the week of Christmas & I decided to use it (or most of it) that day. I'd been wanting a rice cooker for about three years but somehow never got to actually finding & buying one. It was much easier using someone else's money & I picked up the larger of the two models at the store. It was maddening once I got it home because I wanted to try it out right away (having long since been disenchanted with the stove-top method. But I still had much cleaning to do once I got home & a prior engagement that evening so it had to wait.

The band Two Timer has been playing regularly since I discovered them but a distracting summer & months of non-communication had left me forgetful of their presence. Earlier this month I finally checked their schedule again & found they were playing most of the weekends this month. Saturday they were in Newville & I vowed to see them play & visit with my friend Michelle again.

I found my way there thanks to Google Maps & arrived just after the first set. The band was on break & visiting with Michelle's family who were there to take publicity photos. She was delighted to see me & as usual there wasn't nearly enough time to visit & catch up before the next set or between the other sets before. I promised myself I'd write more often & if she answers her mail more often we might be able to visit again before the next performance.

I left before the final set because I still had things to do to prepare for Monday. It wasn't exceptionally late when I returned home but it felt that way as it had been a productive day. When I was done I somehow found the time to watch a little Planetes & cook a single cup of rice in the new cooker since I was still itching to try it out. The rice turned out as well as it could I suppose for the cheap-arse stuff I bought. It was a bit crumbly & sticky for my taste & expelled a hot viscous liquid from the steam vent all over the counter while cooking but was still edible & usable for what it was. I hoped a better than dollar store brand would fair better.

Sunday, New Year's Eve Day I had prior plans with toastmastertom & I planned a curry lunch (with rice!) for us. Just before I left to collect him matt_william contacted me with no plans but a desire to make some so we three met at my place for curry & good times. The afternoon was spent cruising video stores so Matt could spend gift cards & search for the movie Earthquake & we all found a few treasures before returning to the House of Evil to spend the rest of the year together.

the_tick27 joined us in time to watch trailers for Indonesian martial arts films that were included with Tom's new DVD, I forget the name of this film, and holy hell we found one for Escape from Hell Hole! Just the preview mind you, but it's one of those things I never thought I'd see or hear of again. We switched to Earthquake shortly thereafter which wasn't much of an improvement, but it was a fun not-much-of-an-improvement. I can't believe they made a ride out of it at Universal studios. I also can't believe I went on it when I was there with Matt in aught aught. We rang in the new year with time.gov & stayed up way too late visiting.

Tom stayed the night to save on driving him home & then back again first thing in the morning for the festivities. Monday the House of Evil held its 4th annual Evangelethon which was a great success. The show started at eleven with just Tom & I but Matt showed up just after the first DVD ran through & while I made a quick run to Papa Murphy's to pick up pizzas Stacy & AJ -- the only two people to respond to my post to the Anime Club mailing list -- found their way here. My friends Anjean & her boyfriend Joe from the Mitsuwa area in Illinois were delayed somewhat due to the alarming disappearance of Joe's car -- having been towed -- but they still made it here at the series halfway point. And tho' they've both seen the show numerous times before, own it themselves & could have saved a 250 mile round trip, as Anjean put it, "It's not often you can get together to watch it with a bunch of fans who will truly appreciate it." Indeed.

Tick was a latecomer with only a couple hours left but saw it through to the end with the few of us that were able to stay. I followed up with REdeath & the After the End Picsub. By then it was late & the eve of the first worknight of the year so there was little time for the other Eva nonsense I'd planned, but there is still time to reserve a seat for Evathon 2008!

To prepare for the Eva festivities I dug out the S-2 series soundtrack I purchased some time ago. It's not really an album to listen to from beginning to end as it collects all versions of all the music in the series & many songs have many versions. You'll have the original, rhythm only, no guitar, slow tempo, & others all together. So I inserted three discs into the place where you can insert three discs in my CD player & hit "shuffle all"! It blends nicely & tho' themes become familiar they don't feel repetitive. This kept me well musicified while tidying up & whatnot until I was more than ready to go Monday. Now if only it had the version of the Hallelujah chorus used in the series.

Monday marked the... no wait. THURSDAY (damn expired calendars) marked the 1-year anniversary of the bad news from Sanford. It was interesting to note that over the course of the past year my job has been the biggest change & when all the stress & unemployment has passed, even that isn't much different. I'm doing much the same work for almost the same pay. Even the location is very close to the old one. I live in the same house with the same toys. I'm still single (& still bummed about it.) But I still have great friends, a place to sleep & food to nourish my withering old body. I certainly shouldn't complain. Merry 2004!

Last Friday & the last Friday of the last year I had my 90-day review at my new company. I am now a full employee & therefore entitled to full benefits & privileges therein. Somehow, tho' it was two days early, it appears I even got vacation pay for Christmas. Hoorays. The review wasn't horrible either. It was much more in-depth than those at Sanford. My manager had a five page report filled out with little check boxes ticked for the quality of my workmanship, attitude, cooperativeness, &c. &c., along with his written comments where appropriate. After I read through it all we discussed a couple items but everything he really needed to say was already written down. All fairly painless, mostly positive with a quarter raise to boot. (whew!)

And with all that said, to finish off here's the Friday Five, brought to you by thefridayfive

  1. Do you have any pets? If so, how many, and what are their names?
    Of my original three fish adopted in January of aught five I have one remaining black moor goldfish. Named Hydra for the mate of Dagon in H.P. Lovecraft's Shadow over Innsmouth She is currently available for adoption to a good home.

  2. What was your very first pet? Do you remember its name?
    If I remember correctly from my mother's recounting of the event, my first pet was a true goldfish won from a drawing or raffle or some such where I attended daycare when my age was in the early single digits. Its name was Charlie & died the next day.

  3. Is there an animal you would never have as a pet?
    Boa constrictors come to mind.

  4. What common pet have you always wanted but never had? Why not?
    A common pet? I've long been fond of cats & my family kept one throughout my school years. Dogs are fun to play with but I wouldn't want one of my own. For common I don't really know. Continue to the next question please.

  5. What wild animal (extinct or not) would you own if you didn't have to worry about its adjustment or the cost of captivity?
    A Jabberwocky!

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