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I just made a phone call tonite that I wasn't looking forward to. I've previously mentioned a friend who stopped calling some months ago for no particular reason. Then I finally got through, we had a conversation and I thought things were fine again. Well, I haven't heard from her since but for a brief call last Monday night when she answered and then said she had to go right away due to plans in the morning. She said to call back the next day and I did, and the day after. Still no pickups or returned messages. So I finally left a message that pretty much demands an explanation for all this. I wasn't rude or angry when I made it, but I did make it clear that this I wanted to know what's going on and that I was still concerned, tho' getting annoyed. If she still doesn't respond I guess the only thing left is to go there in person and hope someone's home. We don't have any mutual friends so there's no one else to contact to find out what happened. We'll just have to wait and see. I'm getting tired of this.

A minor inconvenience lately is that I lost my mailbox key. It shouldn't have been that big of a deal and started out simply enough, but that would have been too easy. After searching for a week with no luck I gave in and told my landlord since I couldn't let my bills collect in there for much longer. Normally there's a $5 replacement fee and Regina the office lady said I could drop by any time during business hours to get it. I walked down to the building the next day in sub sub freezing (yes, I meant to write that twice) temperatures in a stiff northerly wind wearing most of my leather and still groggy with sleep crud in my eyes. Chilly despite all the layers I entered the office ready to pick up my new key, but it wasn't as simple as that. There WAS no spare key, and evidently she couldn't have checked for this the day before while we were on the phone and she told me I could get it any time. Now I had to have the lock changed which would take more time than I had that day.

Today (Thursday) I called the office again to see if the lock was changed and if I could collect my new key. She said that it had and the landlord already dropped off a key the previous day. This was news to me since I was gone until ten o'clock the night before after walking back through the cold, cold Cold to my house. Oh! Then they must have changed the wrong lock. I rolled my eyes back until they hurt and asked when they would finally get it right (tho' not in those words.) She said today so I told her how long I'd be home and hung up, rolling my eyes again. Twenty minutes later I had already started my new DVD of The Dreamquest of Unknown Kadath when there was a knock on the door. It was the landlord himself with a handful of junk mail and a shiny new brass key. Finally! problem solved.... Actually, I won't know for sure until I try the key myself. Here's hopin'.

This weekend, before the first meet of A-club for the semester (Wai! Wai!) Shimatta and I are going shopping for bits of my Ilpalazzo costume. I haven't done anything besides collect lots of images from the Excel Saga DVDs and I don't think he has either other than continue practise sewing. A-Cen is less than six months away and we really need to get crackin'. Neither of us has assembled a costume this elaborate before and I'd like to get it going as soon as possible so it doesn't look like a thrown-together-last-minute job. This was his idea in the first place and I might have eventually decided on something easier (like That Man!) but now that other members of A-Club liked the idea and are running with it (Sarah is cosplaying as Excel and even wants to do a sketch for the masquerade (!!) I think I'm pretty much committed. Unless I get some major help I don't think I'll be able to manage Lord Ilpalazzo's armor but we can probably at least get the suit and cape. Hopefully the headdress won't be too hard and I already got the glasses and long hair (tho' I may have to wear a wig anyway if I can't find a periwinkle dye that will wash out without ruining my real hair.) I'm excited about this. I've never cosplayed before and it looks like it will be so much fun.

Stuff to do tomorrow before work:
(I'm good at paring these lists down to the absolutely necessary items due to oversleeping)

1. Cash check
2. Check cash
3. Print Ilpalazzo pics on the folk's printer
3b. Print Kublawocky ready for Weird Tales if you remember to reformat that tonite
3c. Make mental note to buy printer of my own soon
4. Dairy and other stuff at grocery store
5. Rx and rocksalt at (store's name omitted)
6. Get a Poppa Murphy's oven-ready pizza (providing the other stuff is done with time to spare for cooking lunch before work)

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