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Work, New Year's Day & Melting Pants

First, be sure to log in & check out my Eva-thon invite for January 1st. So far there has been very little response & I don't want anyone to be disappointed for missing out after it's all over.

Otherwise, besides house-cleaning & seeing the band Two-Timer I don't have much for plans this weekend. If nothing is going on I can always dine with my folks & watch Sci-Fi's Twilight Zone marathon on New Year's Eve but I'd like to do something more active this time, especially since I couldn't really go anyplace with my still-healing knee last year. If you've got awesome plans lemme know. I've invited you to mine.

I've been receiving many unexpected gifts this past week or so. Just today my mail found a gift card to Target from my company & my dear friend Anjean sent me a beautiful Japanese teacup of the sort I really like. matt_william gave me the Manga Claus hardcover book on Xmas eve & I've received cards from thlinganhom, miang & tcdohl. Thank you so much to everyone! As much as I try to avoid the commercial & religious aspects of Xmas I just can't escape the kindness & thoughtfulness of my friends.

Today marked my 90 day anniversary at my new company. My supervisor approached me today to let me know my review will be this coming Friday, time permitting. I admit I'm rather nervous despite the fact that I'm familiar with all my job's duties by now & haven't knowingly done anything that should make me worry. But I suppose it's only natural since I'm still a new-hire & this is my first real performance review. This is when I'll hear about any mistakes I've made whether I knew about them or thought no one else would, any aspects of my performance that could be lacking, any discouraging words (tho' seldom) heard & basically everything I've done wrong worth mentioning. I'm not fond of critial reviews like this but I know they're necessary if you want a job anywhere for more than a few days. I'm well aware I'll hear about all about what I've done to impress my superiors in my performance but that is far less discouraging & embarrassing to be addressed upon face-to-face. I'm fairly certain that it will be fine & he'll mention the areas of improvement that I already know I'll need to work on. Any major issues would have been addressed as they happened & if the company didn't want to keep me I'd have heard about it by now. But I can't help being nervous & I will be glad when it's finally over.

Having worked there 90 days has its definite advantages. I'll now be paid for time-off holidays like New Year's Day & . . . um, whatever comes next after New Year's Day. I've already missed out on Xmas & Thanksgiving. It's too bad they didn't call to hire me three days earlier. Also, having my review also means I may be up for a raise in pay. I'm not absolutely certain of this but it's common practice with many companies. I'm currently making something like $1.80 less per hour than I did at Sanford. I'd really like to shorten that gap as soon as possible.

My pants are falling apart. This in inconvenient as I only have two pants that fit. I have a rip on the right leg just above the knee that needs to be patched very soon. I suspect it is due to brushing against some battery corrosion at work last night & not noticing until it had already weakened the fibers. Throughout today that area just gradually melted away until it left me with about a three-inch split. It's no big deal but something in my soul just does not want to sew right now. (sigh)

Ok, it's time to stop obsessively checking my email & go take a shower.

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