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Sunshine, lolipops & hobbits

First off, Evil Christmas Carols (video). The same songs you already know but played in a minor key to sound dark & sinister. And yes Virginia, there is a volume 2.

It appears that my gift wrapping is finally done. Not that it was anything like a monumental task, but as I akin it to an art form I find it difficult to do when I am not inspired. It would have been easy enough to include the gift cards in an envelope with a greeting card, but I wanted to give the recipients something to unwrap as a part of the experience. The Target card was the easiest as it was in itself designed as a gift tag so I just tied it to a bag hiding some berries & cream Jones soda. I wrapped a six-pack of Heath candy bars with another but that was a challenge as irregular packages don't wrap easily. Certainly the most difficult was the basket of fruit which I somehow managed to enfold within a single sheet of rose printed paper. I placed the whole lot of them in a basket lined with a red fleece blanket (more for protection than appearance) & the effect is quite pretty -- even the paisley paper. Tomorrow evening I'll exchange gifts with my folks before we sup on fondue, then travel over the woods & through the river to Grandma's where we'll spend the night & exchange more gifts with family. I'm looking for a calm, relaxing holiday.

Tempted by my newfound employment I found myself often shopping for myself this season as well as my family. One of the finds was the big-deal edition of the 2005 War of the Worlds DVD. It was my second choice tonight for entertainment while wrapping (since I couldn't find my MP3 disc player or Mindwebs disc) but I found the special features to be so bland that I swapped discs with the supplemental material for The Fellowship of the Ring. This was much more fulfilling & helped cheer me & occupy my mind as I continued divining creative ways to wrap around odd shapes.

I began reading The Lord of the Rings the same day I finished The Hobbit a month or so ago. I've found it even more enjoyable since the last time which was the year the first film was released. It's also a bit easier to read now that I'm familiar with the significant events of the three ages & journey of the ring throughout. (Tho' Elvish & Numenorian names still don't stay easily with me.) It is an incredibly deep & detailed story with much to be gained with each subsequent reading. I expect it to take the rest of my life to work my way through the entire history of Middle Earth & It's a journey I greatly look forward to. Tolkien himself didn't even record all of it in the entirety of his & there is much left to be discovered & invented. Still, I've hardly just begun. I'm currently in the opening chapters of The Two Towers where orcs have captured Merry & Pipin & are taking them to Isengard.

Speaking of gifts to myself, my ROCK t-shirt came last week, a product of this Bigger Than Cheeses comic. I'm quite happy with it & I'm sure the comic artist is too since less than 1% of the people who said they would buy a shirt if it were put into production actually bought one. And you know something, ...It's awesome.

Winter Solstice was last Thursday-Friday night & I'm very happy about that. Not that it's winter (blech) but that daylight is once again returning to our waking world. It couldn't have picked a more appropriate day for the longest night of the year. The entire day was completely overcast with dark, low-hanging clouds & cold mists. It was no lighter at eight o'clock in the morning than it would be all day. Being the longest night of the year Alice Cooper promised to play long songs on his radio show but I heard very little of it due to a football game monopolizing the radio for my coworkers (damned Packers.) The night was indeed long but not bad

So happy Dies Natalis Solis Invicti, the real reason December 25th is important.

- E V I L O U T -

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