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Pre-T-day liquid feast

My car smells like bread.

Not real bread, but an imitation of something else that somehow ends up smelling like bread, even tho' it tastes like nothing of the sort. Tomorrow being T-day I brought a spare Jones Soda Holiday Gift Pack to work for all to share. I left the bottles out during our break time with some cups & an inviting note. I expected a couple people to try it but as there were only four people in my department & less than a dozen in the entire building I didn't expect much of a do to be made about it. It wasn't, & I took the rest home glad that I wasn't the only one brave enough to try them.

Since I still had the original box I just inserted the bottles back into their holes & refastened the lid. The box went back into the grocery bag & the bag went onto the passenger seat. All was well & good until I carried the box into my house & realized my error: I had neglected to check that all bottles had been properly sealed. Hastily I removed all bottles & put them in the sink to drain, I then threw the bag, box & all other packaging out the door onto the deck. Fortunately the box had caught a greater portion of the liquid & little leaked onto my rug & even less into my car. Unfortunately, the car & part of my house now smell like bread. It's not unpleasant, but I hope it doesn't linger long. The flavor of soda that leaked? Brussels sprouts.

We are only allotted one break at work during our shift (be it eight, ten hours or longer) so I try to savour it as much as possible. The break area isn't very large but it seems so because the ceiling is very high. Higher even than the length of the room. Add to that enormous windows that cover a wall & wrap partially around one corner & you have a space that's quite pleasant to spend a meal break in. I always sit at the table nearest the window to enjoy the view. There is a parking lot & another building directly across the way but also plenty of grass & some young trees to ease the sense of metropolitan claustrophobia. The facility isn't very near the city so the daily drive isn't too oppressive either. Tonight as I took my table I saw shapes moving out at the edge of the shadows just beyond the streetlight. It was a deer! They used to come around the building when I worked at Newell a few miles away & were an unexpected pleasure to behold during the day until they vanished along with the thick woods nearby when the developer came through. Here they were again, not one but three, & I watched as they moved cautiously along, grazing here & there. I exclaimed aloud to the only other person in the room when I saw the first one & he came over. His movement toward the windows however spooked the deer & they froze. They soon fled in the opposite direction & paused where the driveway emptied onto the main road. I went to get my food from the microwave & when I returned they were gone. It's just as well. I was eating venison.

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