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The Friday Five - Music Formats

The Friday Five, brought to you by thefridayfive

  1. What was the first CD/Record/Album/Artist you ever bought and what format was it in? (Vinyl/Cassette/CD/MP3 Download)?
    The first CD I ever purchased for myself was a compilation of Technobass music from the publisher Newtown. I don't remember the title any more & I've long since sold the album but I do recall that the cover had a woman in a pink bikini (no head visible, cut off by the top of the cover) standing over a large bass speaker. Despite my age at the time this had little to do with why I bought this particular album.

    Coming in at a close second for CD purchases is ELP's Works: vol. 1, that I was celebrating just last week. This particularly stands out because the double CD was a $20 purchase & a bit pricey for me at the time, but I saw it at Best Buy & couldn't resist.

    My first record album purchase is a little harder to pin down. I listened to records throughout my entire childhood & knew how to work the family record player before the television. I may not exactly remember my first ever record purchase but one of the more memorable finds was probably from a used book/media store since cassettes were king by then & CDs were on their way in, & also because my mother visits them frequently. I suspect the album was In 3-D by "Weird Al" Yankovic which still remains one of my favourites by him. When I finally acquired the cassette & CD versions the album spent some time attached to my closed door as artwork before finally coming to rest in a protected display box where I keep the rest of Al's albums. This box is presently safe in my back room.

    My first cassette was probably the same case. I saw something at the used book store at a reasonable price & nabbed it up. MP3s are harder yet to pin down. I was really big into MIDIs for a while beause I could fit so much music into so little space on the tiny hard drive of my IBM Thinkpad. That first one might have been In the Hall of the Mountain King or Claire de Lune or whatever free files were already installed. As for MP3s, let's just say it was probably something I didn't pay for.

  2. How do you usually listen to music? (iPod/Walkman/Stereo/Radio)
    Primarily by CD since they're all conveniently on display on shelves in my living room. I'm a visually oriented person so it's appealing to me to have them all out like that & it makes browsing fun. My car has a CD player so I always have something with me in there. But when at my computer I have oodles of MP3s saved for quick access. This is probably approaching 20GB.

  3. What is your favorite genre of music and why?
    Instrumental. I get so tired of people telling me how to live my life or what choices to make in particular situations, or telling me about their lost relationships or how great the latest one is. I don't need life-lessons or anecdotes or advice or aphorisms. There is too much lyric-based out there. Take away the words from many of today's songs & what you have left is something boring & unmoving. I feel that music is a universal language & you can much more effectively convey emotion by the music itself rather than with words.

  4. What is your opinion on music video shows and music televion?
    I haven't watched many music videos or much music television in a long time, probably since I was in high school & MTV still actually showed music videos. I do like music videos when they're put together well & try to convey something other than how much jewelery the lead singer has. Many are entertaining for the simple fact that they're a representation of something that may not have had a visual inspiration in the first place.

    Tonite I saw for the first time Cindi Lauper's video for The Goonies 'R' Good Enough. It's very baffling & bizarre. I'll probably be subjecting unsuspecting friends to this soon.

  5. Do you usually agree with who the winners of the Grammy Awards are?
    I usually have no clue who any of the Grammy winners are. If they're not in my own collection I probably haven't heard of them.
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