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I take that back... for now.

A couple weeks ago I posted a conversation with a coworker that led me to believe we would be getting along fine. Well not long after that he suddenly & inexplicably became uncivil with me & stayed consistently so for an entire week. He would only speak to me if he needed me to do something & if I needed him to repeat it due to background noise he'd be very sharp & curt in his reiteration. He once asked if I drank or smoked weed & when I replied with "no" & "of course not!" he suggested I looked like a weed-smoker. I don't know what happened or what I did to raise his ire but it was undeserved, unnecessary & uncalled for.

Strange, huh? Even stranger is that sometime tonite it went 180º. When he asked for help he'd say "please" & "thank you" (sometimes even including "sir".) He was laughing & joking with me. It was like we'd been buddying it up all week instead of avoiding each other. I was mildly uncomfortable but glad for the change.

I hadn't said anything to anyone else at work & held my tongue during his moments of disagreement with me because I assume he's probably still under considerable stress from losing* his brother a couple weeks ago. I can tolerate a lot but I hope these mood swings don't last long.

So now we're to the issue of why I'm home early tonite for a change. It happens that I was over hours for the week so I was set free at eleven thirty so as not to acquire too much overtime. I'd rather have stayed. I actually like overtime pay & it would have made staying until nearly four o'clock the other night worth it. Plus, the few extra hours per pay period pad out my paycheck to almost what I was getting at Sanford, albeit biweekly now.

It was an odd experience two weeks ago when I got my first paycheck from the new company. You'd think I'd never been paid before, the way held it in my hands. Throughout the night I had to keep stopping so I could go & peek at it. Indeed, it was truly grand to behold after being unemployed for nearly five months. The paystubs from the temp agency didn't really feel significant because those assignments were over before I could settle in. But now I'm at a real job with real benefits & the sense of re-found security is delightfully whelming.

Also delightful was the time I had at laviorli & pennylane_81's housewarming party. I arrived late & lost having treked through the rain & snow & a backyard before finding a recognizable portion of the building. I gave them an hourglass, much like with phil_bond & seanorange. They've turned out to be perfect for that sort of thing & I'm glad to finally have found a use for them.

Once I settled in, dried out & warmed up I admit to being a tad bored whilst everyone else was playing Trivial Pursuit, which is not really my sort of game. It was also somewhat cramped with so many people up there. I did get to shock a few when I wanted to get in on some multi-player Nintendo DS action & deftly whipped out my own.

Yes, I now have a DS. It is a sleek onyx fingerprint magnet with a small handful of new & used games. The one that's been draining most of my time these past two weeks is Animal Crossing. I had played it for a short while once on Caleb's cart many months ago & heard about it much once Monica acquired a copy. I thought it would be a quaint time-passer here & there but little did I realize just how much customization there is to the game. There are so many little things to do & find & personalize that I could spend a lot more time on this than I do now. I think the only thing preventing me is my job, which eats up a considerable portion of my not-sleeping time. So my first multi-player session was quite fulfilling. I got to explore three other towns, pick up a variety of new fruit & somehow acquired a big dong in my night sky.

Of course, it would come to pass that the week I bought my DS I also received a box containing the complete bit Generations series of GBA games ordered a couple weeks prior. But somehow, somehow, as much as I'd been anticipating the shipment, Animal Crossing has still been taking up most of my game time. (Gasp! I haven't touched Okami in a week!) Part of it is that I'm already familiar with them thanks to my ROMs. Another is that AC requires a bit more daily maintenance to keep things the way you want them. But I still get in a few good rounds of Coloris every night & have already unlocked & am working through all the advanced levels.

Yet another good game release coming up is Guitar Hero II which I am even more anxious about having learned that Trogdor will be a bonus track. I haven't even touched a demo & I already know my new signature song. I hope the third installment also has a song about a big lizard or I'll have to break the pattern. But dang it, why does it have to be released on the day we vote!? Why must I choose??

I came home to a message on the answering machine reminding me about an optomitrist appointment tomorrow. Somehow I had forgotten about that but not about ribsinbacon's birthday. Happy birthday, Ribs. I can't make it to the outing due to work but I hope you have a great evening regardless.

But yeah, glasses. I know I need a new prescription. My current lenses were ground in 2004 & things are getting a little blurry in the distance now. It's been well over a year since my last checkup so it will be good to finally get this updated. I don't have vision insurance but the clinic I go to has exemplary service & worth anything I have to pay out-of-pocket. I also paid full-price for a dental cleaning earlier this week but that wasn't so fulfilling. My new dental insurance begins next month but I was due for another checkup anyway. I don't mind since it will be cheap again soon. Just like my medical insurance which finally, finally activates next month. I'll be seeing my regular doctor for the first time in more than a year & hopefully I'll get more than one refill on my prescriptions thereafter.

There is a lot of stuff going on this weekend but I won't be taking part in much of it. Trick or Treating has been set for Sunday evening which is a minor outrage for me since I've always done it on the actual day of Halloween, but at least this way I get to encourage the neighborkids' hypreactivity with my usual batch of full & king-size candy bars. The annual State Street riot is screwing everything over that I might actually have wanted to do, holiday-wise this year so instead I'm going to escape. I'm going far, far away where no one will be able to reach me & to adventure on my own. A selfish little journey that will consume most of Saturday, until I'm tired of travel & finally make it back for Lindsay & company's Halloween gathering.

Tired is what has been keeping me from updating regularly since when I return home from work I usually have little desire to do anything more than shower & wind down. . . Ugh, & it's just in time to do that.

- E V I L O U T -

*Shot & murdered.
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