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Evil Jim

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03:40 am: New Job: Day six
Home by one o'clock tonite'. Lemme hear y'say "woo."

It's been a weird day. As mentioned before I got a little more sleep while the men were working but certainly nowhere near a full night of rest. Consequently, I was tired & fatigued to the point of discomfort. After they left I did little more than watch Mythbusters until it was time to go to work. I bought a liter of Mt. Dew to help spur me on but I'm rather unfond of using caffeine as a means to stay awake. I didn't overdo it & managed to let the bottle last me through half the night, right up to my mealbreak wherein I refilled it with water & emptied that too through the remaining shift. Strangely, throughout the afternoon & night I felt progressively better. By the time I got home I felt nearly as awake & strong as ever. I don't think it was the caffeine that kept me awake so much as the physical labour. It didn't hurt that tonite was short, sweet & easy (just like how I likes my wimmins.) I'm fine now but I definitely don't want to go through this morning again. Therefore, I declare tomorrow National Sleep 'Till Noon Day! Enjoy, everyone.

- E V I L O U T -

. . . Dang it. I can't wait until my new games get here.

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