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Stereotypical monday

Gakk! I should be sleeping.

Day 4 of work was uneventful & went smoothly. Day 5 on the other hand could have been better. I had my first accident tonite, meaning: I damaged some product. I feel horrible about it, not only for the problems the delay may cause the customer but also because it's only my second week & still under the watchful eye of the higher-ups. My manager was relivedly low-key about it & only focused on the problem long enough to work around it & get the rest of the night's work done. "We all make mistakes," as he said but I intend this to be my last.

Adding to the stress is the fact that I'm having workmen over to level my house at eight in the morning. (Note that I didn't return home from work until a few minutes ago.) (Also note that they're bringing the frame of the house to a level zero degrees, not leveling it to the ground.) This should hopefully fix the problem of my eggs sliding to the far side of the frying pan, the half-inch of air space at the top of my aquarium when it's "full", and possibly even the creaky floor by my front door. I don't know why I agreed to this when I knew Monday would be a long night. I'm seriously hoping it will rain enough that he will have to cancel, or that something else comes up that we can postpone the work. I really need the sleep, but if nothing else maybe I can nap while they're working. I'll certainly be tired enough.

- E V I L O U T -

On the brighter side, I've ordered the bit Generations GBA games again. I cancelled the order placed Friday night in favour of a different store tonite. They will take longer to get here but the set is $50 cheaper.

The workmen were here from about 8:30 to 1 & everything is now "straight nuts." I got a couple hours of sleep before they got here & maybe a couple more while they were working. But even if I didn't sleep the entire time I was trying to I still rested up a bit while laying still in a quiet room. It's going to be a rough night at work fueled by caffeine. I'm tempted to try an energy drink to help keep me awake despite matt_william's recent bad experience but I think I would be better off testing that on a day when consciousness wasn't related to my performance, like B-Fest. Anyway, if I recall correctly (and I may not) Tuesdays are the second lightest at work so I'm hoping for either an easy workload or short shift (or both!) Wish me luck.
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