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Friday Five - You Tube & TV

This weeks Friday Five, brought to you by thefridayfive

  1. What TV show(s) do you find yourself watching the most?
    This is a constant variable but lately it's Mythbusters via YouTube & Google Video. I really enjoy it & wouldn't mind owning a season or two but for now I'll mooch from the internet & any friends that may own it.

  2. What, if any, TV shows do you own on DVD?
    Woaaahh! You want a list? I have several dozen over on the shelf there. A greater portion of it is anime but my domestic titles are slowly catching up the quantity. My most recent acquisition is the entire series of Eerie Indiana purchased for a song at a used video store. I was browsing the other day & heard some familiar harmonica music only to find it was a favourite series that I hadn't seen in ten years! I bought it then & there. The counter guy said it was the shortest time they'd ever had a display video in before it was snapped up by a customer. The other counter guy was broody & annoyed because he really wanted to watch the show.

    My next target series is (if I can afford it) The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

  3. Can you name your favourite TV show theme song?
    That one varies quite a bit depending on whatever I'm into at any given moment. Right now it's the harmonica lead to Eerie Indiana.

  4. Have you ever been on TV & if so, for what?
    Last year I was on Tokyo TV for a show about American otaku visiting Japan but I haven't heard any updates on that episode since I was actually there. Most recently tho' I was seen on the local news in the audience of a talk given by George Takei on human rights.

  5. What is your Favourite YouTube video?
    Lately I've been watching a lot of Mythbusters episodes & clips, but I've just about exhausted my internet resources (short of bittorrent.) Soon I'll be asking friends if they have any DVDs of the series.

- E V I L O U T -

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