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New Job: Day two

Home again, home again, diggedy digg.

I left work at one-forty this morning, as opposed to midnite last night. These gonna be some funky hours to get used to. Especially since I'm at work at the time I'm normally home to do a couple important things like take a prescription & feed Hydra. Oh! (Note to self: contact Sheree about fish.) I could be happier with different hours but rumor has it Friday's are common to early releases.

Today I arrived early for orientation & filled out a bunch of paperwork before promising to take a bunch more home to read before work tomorrow. And as soon as that sentence ended my attention not merely drifted but immediately sparked away to about three other things. I don't think now is a good time to finish this update. I'm a little stressed & a lot tired & I should probably just relax, get something to eat & prepare for sleepytimes. I just realized I'm going on four hours sleep after close to a 10 hour shift so naturally reality can start to get a tad disjointed at this point.

Cripes, I can't wait to get Bit Generations.

- E V I L O U T -

Something a little more interesting & noteworthy: there was a civil rights rally in Austin TX last friday that was protested by a special interest group. I'm a little torn because I feel for both parties involved. I really don't know which side to take. (Link)
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