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Now with more sodium. Sweet Jesus!

Yesterday (aka: Saturday since I post in the middle of the night) I finally got to see Rejected again for the first time in over three years. Once again I laughed so hard I cried with a stitch in my side. If you haven't seen this yet you MUST go see it in The Animation Show at a theater near you or buy the DVD. It's just that good! The rest of the show I delighted to find was better than I expected. Rather than take time to review and copy links I'll be lazy and direct you to Colin's journal for a detailed review. However, two gems that he didn't cover (despite how much I liked them) are Rocks and Fifty Percent Grey. Damn good stuff.

Following the show I took him home and in the car I opened his Decemberween gift to me which was amazingly, The Dreamquest of Unknown Kadath "animated" movie on DVD. I wasn't even aware that it was finished since it's been "in progress" whenever I checked their website for seemingly forever. They took images from Jason Thompson's comic adaptation and panned over images, zoomed in and out and added minor visual effects to create limited motion. There are voices, narration, sound effects and music, which I really like. I watched the first few minutes before falling unconscious last nite after 25 + hours of no sleep. I'll sit through the entire thing when I'm more awake sometime. Thanks Colin!

After I dropped him off I rushed home to be ready for my parents who were to pick me up for a trip up north to visit family and observe my aunt's birthday. I found a message on my machine saying she was sick and canceled. This, after I was already packed and cut short my visit with Colin to be home on time. Well, my next two weekends are full so if she decides to reschedule then I'll be doin' funner stuff.

Since the weekend plans were crashed I called up Tom who had previously invited me to a get together with some friends of his at his place. It was still a go and we spent the rest of the evening playing video games and watching anime. They all loved Rejected and Red vs. Blue when I produced the DVDs and I was introduced to a couple more series that I will need to check out before Acen like Steel Angel Harumi and one other whose title I can't remember but it involved giving grade school girls ranks in the military to fight against invading cute aliens. Um... yeah.

Ever since he lent me the first volume of Evangelion last month Tom has been asking me if I've watched it every time we talk. I only borrowed it because I keep hearing about it and want to know what the big deal is. I'm not really a fan of big robot anime and that's what this looked like so I kept putting it off. My interest was just to have more information to go on when I see it referenced. Today I finally took time to watch it and wow! it was really good. I want to see the rest of the series now. It's been billed the best anime of all time; I wouldn't go so far as that but I can now see why it's so popular.

Another anime I found lately is Blue Seed, an older horror series with the same look (and music???) as The Irresponsible Captain Tylor. I found the first volume at a discount book store Friday before work for cheap and upon seeing the first couple episodes today I returned to the store this evening to buy the rest for more cheap. I then set out to make an art box to hold the four DVDs together since I rather like those neat little boxes that come with some sets. I used an empty diet Sprite carton which sorta works for what I need it for but I will try again when the ambition rises once more. This one was mainly for practice to get some measurements and an idea of how to assemble. The next one will be better, I promise.

Tonite's forecasted temperature is -5 degrees with windchill advisory for -15. This is two days after I bought two rolls of weatherstripping to take care of some of the drafts around the windows in my house. This is also after a day of watching anime instead of using said weatherstripping. at least I have it; I just gotta remember to use it before March. For now, I'm wearing the new Hawaiian shirt I bought at Goodwill last week for $2.05. It's awesome! Like new, super cheap and fits great. People need to donate more stuff like this for me to find. It'll keep me warm in spirit until I crawl under the 20-some pounds of quilts on my bed.

- E V I L O U T -

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