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Within the hour I returned home from my first day of work in many weeks & my first day of solid, dependable work in five months, one week & 5 days. (or nine and three-quarter months if you stopped counting those days when I first received the bad news.) I accomplished nothing before work & remained hopeful, anxious & nervous throughout the day. I called my good friend Dennis to tell him the good news & thank him for the fine reference as to my knowledge he is the only person any of my prospective employers have contacted thus far.

It started yesterday (Monday) when I was awakened by a call from a company I had interviewed with last week (& also a month prior.) They wanted to hire me & asked when I could go take a drug test & physical. We arranged a date & time & potential first day of work once the tests came back. The HR manager called back a few minutes later asking when I could start work & on-the-job training regardless of the tests as they are currently short-handed & in great need of help. Tuesday it was! So after several calls within about a 15 minute period I was all set to start training, have a physical & go through orientation. In that order.

My new working hours are going to be a bit staggered to begin with due to workload, availability of my manager to train & other new-hire type stuff but after that I believe I can expect to start at four o'clock on a regular basis. Shift work lasts until the work is done. That was the only solid parameter I was given. But since they try to avoid going over 40 hours a week I believe I can expect to be released around midnite on average, tho' that's guaranteed to fluctuate. No weekend work so I will still have those free. (Gear!)

So what do I do? It's pretty much a smaller selection of the many duties I had at Sanford/Eldon/Newell - Rubbermaid/W.T.Rogers/whateverthefuck. While examining the ropes as presented by my new manager tonight I felt confident that could learn the job easily with the most attention to detail required for facility-specific variations of what I'm already accustomed to. The ease of this shouldn't come as a surprise as that is probably why they hired me.

I'll be taking a $1.85 cut in pay but the benefits as I understand them are quite good. There is a nice sign-on bonus, I think my doctor is covered under their health insurance (unlike the group insurance my previous employer switched to just before booting us) & I may even have a couple vacation days before the end of the year. I'll learn more at the orientation tomorrow afternoon before my second day of work.

O' what a relief this is after months of growing unease & a quickly dwindling nest-egg. My first couple paychecks will go to my most current bills, a couple celebratory toys & then on to filling the hole I dug myself into this summer. As well as saving up for my next journey to Japan with matt_william (not to mention carefully cajoling him into taking the spring instead of winter tour)

*Whew! Whew!* And double *Whew!*

Now I just hope I don't fail that drug test tomorrow.

E V I L O U T -

Heh, & this morning I was awakened by a call from Global Printer Services with interest to an interview. I politely turned them down, informed them why & went back to bed for five more hours.
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