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It won't just scare you, it will fuck you up for life!

It's difficult to take a moody moonlit walk through the night for inspiration when the neighbours' motion-detecting porch lights keep turning on as I walk by. Still, I found some new details that will work nicely with my current work-in-progress as well as some great detail. I wrote it down as soon as I came in but I'm going to try to find some blank tapes for my mini cassette recorder to take with me next time I go out. This walk was more inspirational than I expected.

I've had a pretty crappy week up until tonite. It rained all of Monday & Tuesday & it didn't help at all that not only did I find myself sleeping until something like three o'clock in the afternoon but I also felt sick. Not a virus-sick but more as tho' something was wrong with my body chemistry. Whenever I ate I'd feel uncomfortably full for hours after & I couldn't get to sleep until close to six AM. Plus, for at least two days straight whenever I inhaled through my nose I'd feel & hear a faint clicking in my right ear. What the heck is that?! Sometimes when lying or sitting still it would even click with my heart beat. It's enough to make you pull your own head off. I have a feeling it's something to do with the barometric pressure since my ear returned to normal a day after the rain stopped, but cripes! Can't I just have a stuffy nose or something?

Needless to say I feel much better this evening. I went out this afternoon to pick up an application at United Brick & Tile. Another company where no one has any idea what the pay scale is until they actually interview you. "Well, rate of pay is based on your skill level." Yeah, but you have a set minimum somewhere, right? May as well save both of us time & let me estimate by that rather than wait until an interview for me to tell you that your $8.50 can't pay my bills. -- Whups. Went on a bit of a tangent there. This is about feeling better. Like finding Amazon Women on the Moon on DVD at the used book store. Like the sudden improvement in mood after workig out & watching both Life of Python A&E BBC DVDs. Like looking forward to Anime Club & Cube this Saturday. And if one of the places I interviewed at last week calls me back on Friday it will be a week well met, despite the rain.

And without warning here is The Friday Five, brought to you by thefridayfive
  1. What is your favourite line from a movie & Why?
    That's very difficult because it varies so much. It's often related to whatever I'm quoting at the time but there are a few that I've always enjoyed. Try to name the movie. (As if it will be difficult.)
    -"This is a job for *zap!* green power!"
    -"And they ask me can *clang!* it be done? And I say yes! Everybody yay-us! I said you must have faith in the creative spirit because it is creativity that gets things *clang* created."
    -"I don't know I'm makin' it up as I go along."
    -"We're gonna need another Timmy!"

  2. Who is your favourite villain from a movie & why?
    Chernabog, tho' I really don't see him as a villain. He's just doin' his job.

  3. Name one movie that everybody else loves but you hate.
    I try not to hate movies but there are a few I'm sick of hearing about, like Hedwig, Napoleon Dynomite, Harry Potter & Final Fantasy.

  4. Name one movie that everyone else hates that you love.
    I'm surprised more people don't groan when I mention The Wizard of Speed & Time.

  5. What's your favourite Pixar film & why?
    Why specifically Pixar? I'll have to go check to see what they're responsible for...
    Uh, The Incridibles, or maybe Toy Story 2?

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