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A no call, but here are some links anyway

Every time I pay attention to the news I find more reasons to remain in my own little world. For example, my good friend Dennis called earlier this evening to chat & one of the things he mentioned was the arrest of the brothers of our mutual friend & former co-worker. It seems they've been caught grave robbing. (Link)

Fortunately that's about the worst of it today. But I've still found some more interesting links to share.

Nice mellonsEver put a pumpkin in a box while it's growing so it ends up as a cube? Ever seen those kits were you put a vegetable into a mold so it grows into a face? Dan Ladd in Vermont has been doing it for over 25 years & turned it into an art form. (Small image gallery. Click to enlarge.)

My skin! You kids come back here!I can't read much on the website but I've found a gallery that features realistic skeletons of popular cartoon characters. (A few large images on each page.)

Mr. Spider, meet Mr. Pointy!Science takes a look at the biology of B-Movie monsters. Excerpt from commentary on The Incredible Shrinking Man (dialup friendly):
As for the contest with the spider, the battle is indeed biased, but not the way the movie would have you believe. Certainly the spider has a wicked set of poison fangs and some advantage because it wears its skeleton on the outside, where it can function as armor. But our hero, because of his increased metabolic rate, will be bouncing around like a mouse on amphetamines. He wouldn't struggle to lift the sewing needle--he'd wield it like a rapier because his relative strength has increased about 70 fold.

In other news, the two interviews I had Tuesday went well, tho' I found difficulty feigning interest through the latter half of the second. Both places said they would call me by the next day with a decision. As of this writing at early Thursday morning, neither have. I was slowly going nuts today waiting for either to call. I was home all day but didn't get much of anything productive done until evening. crabmoon happened to mention in her journal that she needed magazines & papers so I searched out a few things & forced them upon her, even after she said it wasn't really necessary. I just needed to get out & really it was a fun way to visit her & matt_william on more or less spur-of-the-moment.

Not much else to report, really. Tomorrow I'll be calling VP back regarding our interview & taking Dad out to purchase bus tickets for his upcoming trip & then hunt out the Moving Wall Memorial which is apparently in the city this week. I first imagined it as the type of museum you see hauled around in a semi-trailer but photos show it's merely a smaller reproduction of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in DC that is set in a fixed location for the duration of its stay in a city. I'm not especially interested in the exhibition but it's important to Dad & it isn't always easy for him to find transportation to midday functions like this. We'll find it tomorrow. He's even offered to treat lunch.

I spent a couple days playing the flash game FLOW after shimatta1 pointed out a few aspects of it I hadn't previously noticed. It's quite an addictive, soothing & immersive game, which I suppose is the point since in psychology flow means "complete and energized focus in an activity, with a high level of enjoyment and fulfillment" and the game was created to do just that. I know I liked to it already but it's still worth checking out.

Other than that I'm strapped for the moment.

- E V I L O U T -

Update: 1:00 PM I called VP & found that they still have interviews yet & won't know until next week who they will choose. It makes more sense so I don't know why Gary told me he'd call by the next day. I hope they call before the place in Waunakee where I'm overqualified & the pay isn't enough. Now it's back to the waiting game.
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