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Taste of Madison & such

I'm getting sick of obsessively clicking "refresh" on my friends page & seeing posts from Friday so here's a new one:

Steve Irwin dies. Crikey!

Besides that the weekend has been progressing nicely when not slowly. Weeks ago I promised to help Lindsay, Matt & Phill move into their new apartment & since then I had been keeping this weekend free of other plans. Friday Phill & I moved all of his stuff to the new place but what of the others? Of Saturday & Sunday? No moving was to be had. It turns out an unnecessary moral dilemma ("Jim's already been helping everyone else this summer, he must be sick of it by now") prevented the others from asking so I had the weekend to myself.

Saturday I took my dad to Taste of Madison to finally see what the big deal was about. The big deal was some 60 restaurants all around the capitol square plus four stages with live music & thousands of event attendees. We made our way around the loop once sampling whatever looked good & finished with a jaunt down State Street for Chocolate Shoppe ice cream somewhat cheaper than what it was selling for on the square. Unfortunately I was unable to spot Sheree or Patrick anywhere no matter how hard I squinted. It was a fun event (& a little expensive) but now I know what to expect (or avoid) when it comes around again next year.

Having no real plans for the remainder of the afternoon/evening I returned home to dink around & start on a last-minute birthday project for Holly. Being reminded by way of turning a page of the calendar I saw her birthday was coming up & I had only a couple scant days if I were to prepare a gift for her. I brainstormed & after a bit her favourite TV series & my newest hobby came together. Having discovered great luck with a couple other unique papercraft models I searched & found plans for an actual working Stargate! (Or reasonable facsimile of one.) Saturday evening I set out my tools & printed, cut, folded & pasted it all together in slightly less time than it took to listen to the audio commentaries for Tron & The Last Starfighter.

I relaxed a bit until Colin called to inform me that the Rocky crowd was letting out & meeting at Perkins & I met everyone there, Gemma being the first to see me & nearly tackle me with multiple glomps. The usual good times were had & the Stargate quite delighted the birthday girl who was then difficult to derail from the subject of the show for the rest of the evening.

Sunday I visited Matt & Lindsay at their new place. They had already moved in the bulk of their belongings so not much else was to be done. I accompanied Matt while he picked up a TV stand at Best Buy & we browsed at PrePlayed before returning to the apartment to assemble the stand. We tested it out by watching Primer which seemed to go over well despite Matt's apparent fatigue. I left a short while later & returned home to... well. Pretty much putter around, play Tron 2.0 & try to write.

I tried working on my latest story tonite but only a paragraph came out. At the bottom of the text file I post notes & ideas for quick reference & that part grows by day but the story itself is still progressing pretty slow. At least it's in a way that won't require much editing once finished. I need to focus & force myself to work on it every day. It's like a muscle; if you don't keep working out it will keep getting weaker.

I have no real plans for Labour Day other than try to write & get a haircut in preparation for my two job interviews on Tuesday (^_^ yay!) Friends may feel free to contact me, especially since I plan to cook venison burgers on the grill later. Otherwise it's just another day off like most of the past five months.

Well, this is about 600 words more than I expected. That's a good sign, eh?

- E V I L O U T -

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