Evil Jim (evil_jim) wrote,
Evil Jim

We've got moving siiiiign!!!

It's Friday. It doesn't seem like Friday, but it still is. For some reason I'm more likely to confuse days when I'm busy & productive rather than slothing it. Regardless, tonite we got Phill moved out of his cramped storage locker & into the new apartment. It was a single trip with a rented U-Haul fraught with a number of little annoyances. Examples:

  • He paid extra to rent a dolly but none was included with the truck.

  • After one load the elevator at the storage unit broke leaving us to carry everything else downstairs by hand.

  • Including hauling the flatbed freight cart that stays at the place back inside & up the stairs.

  • The idiot drivers come out of the back-alleys whenever I'm driving a large vehicle with huge blind spots.

  • The new apartment currently only has lights in the hallways & bathrooms.

  • The new apartment building has no way of chocking open the outside doors other than propping them with the furniture we had & subsequently tripping over them.

Despite all this we had everything done & the truck returned within three hours. Needing food badly I demanded we go get something to eat & found ourselves at Qdoba where I ate a burrito arguably larger than my stomach. Food was good, parking was free & we shook hands just minutes ago as we said goodbye & he left for his new home. I'm going to miss the company but it will be nice to have my living room back again.

Lots is* going on this weekend like Taste of Madison & the Rock River Thresheree, both of which I'd like to attend, but I still haven't decided on what exactly I'll be doing just yet. At present it looks like I'll be helping matt_william move if he has courage enough to call me in the morning. But for right now? I need a shower.

E V I L O U T -

* Yes, I am aware this is improper grammar. I'm in quite a jovial mood tonite so quit trying to spoil it. :-P

Aside to Lindsay: My place is now available if you still need a place to crash before you're fully moved in. I should probably call since I saw your computer at the apartment already.

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