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This week does not suck yet, but I know it will keep trying

Some days The Onion is truer to life than we care to admit. Today was not one of those days.

Both Phill & I slept past noon today, likely due to a late-night/early-morning viewing of the movie TRON. Still, I was the first one to leave for a change having decided to pursue a job opportunity in Waunakee. It was a long-ish drive north of the city & through some harrowing & irritating road construction & by the time I arrived & ascended the three flights of stairs to the main office (??) the thought of commuting that far daily did not weigh comfortably upon me. When I asked for an application they directed me to an in-office computer terminal where all the information they needed was collected via their website. I could have done this from home but I still prefer to find an employer's address & get the feel of the place when considering them. I finished in less than 10 minutes (a refreshing change when other applications I've filled out have taken 30-45 minutes by hand) & included my resume & references.

Since I was merely a few miles away I also stopped by the Wallgreens distribution center in Windsor to try my luck. They were indeed accepting applications & again I was directed toward a bank of computer terminals. The process took longer this time & the information needed was much more involved. But that wasn't the whole of it because next came a 40-question fill-in-the-dot type questionnaire reminiscent of final exam days in school. It was an obvious psychological evaluation despite the name "Workstyle 2 for Warehouse Workers." It consisted of a variety of statements & the applicant is to select a corresponding dot from "Strongly agree" to "Strongly disagree" with four variations between. It's credited to a Rafael Haddock Phd. & copyrighted 1998. I couldn't find it online but I did secretly jot down a few on my scratch paper. Some examples are:

  • I think the elderly & the poor can never get too much help

  • I usually don't experience strong emotions

  • I am fascinated by the patterns I find in art & nature

  • Without emotions life would be uninteresting

  • Certain kinds of music have powers to absorbe me

  • It's possible that some people can see me as somewhat cold & distant

  • Some people think I am self-centered & too full of myself

  • I have a very active imagination

  • have little interest in philosophizing about the meaning of life or the human condition

  • I experience a lot of different emotions

Some were rather confusing because if I indicated that I felt the statement was true than it could reflect negatively on me. "It's possible that some people can see me as somewhat cold & distant ." Do I answer this logically or honestly? Yes, I do strongly believe this is possible, but I don't feel people actually view me that way. If I went strongly in either way I could broadcast that I actually was cold & distant or just delusional. Since there was no middle-ground option I played it safe & selected "disagree a little."

But why don't we settle this here & now? You all can be "some people" and I'll be me. You can post anonymously if you want as long as you're honest.

Poll #810862 Psych exam

Jim is somewhat cold and distant.


Jim is self-centered and too full of himself.


There were more mundane statements like "I lie to my family" & "I'd have to be pretty sick to miss work" but those above struck me the most. On my way out I was tempted to assure the receptionist that I wasn't a schizophrenic but she was talking with two or three other people plus another applicant so I left politely.

On the way home I stopped at Noodles for some comfort food & enjoyed the latest Onion before browsing at the used book & video game stores nearby. When I arrived home I found a message on my answering machine from the first place I applied to this afternoon. The fellow who called wants me to call back sometime tomorrow to set up an interview. Mixed emotions abound as I really don't like the location but it's also the fastest call-back I've had yet. I'll call back. If it pays more than I was making at Sanford then the drive will be worth it, but I'm secretly hoping that it will still take a few days to follow through to give Wallgreens enough time to notice me as they're my current favourite in the running.

Having my more serious obligations out of the way the rest of the evening was spent in personal productivity labeling my Game Boy Camera collection while listening to New-Age Jazz. This will make it easier to identify one from another when filming those animations I keep talking about. One more camera is still on it's way from the UK but this one is special. It's purple.

Tomorrow afternoon we lunch with Gemma. So far this week has yet to reach "suck."

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