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Another day, another dollar in debt

The main goal of today was to get together with Dad & find a place south of here that his friend Larry said was hiring. The drive took longer than I hoped but a job is a job & I can't be as picky as I was. I'm not fond of the idea of driving all that way twice a day but I applied out of necessity. I wore new jeans with a nice shirt & matching black fedora but didn't bother dressing any further up. It's quite a silly feeling to wear a suit & tie only to sit alone in a back room for an hour filling out paperwork, which is exactly what I did while Dad chatted with the receptionist, delivery people & whoever else happened by in the lobby. This application was a bit different than the others I've done in the past few months, being that it included a test of basic math skills. Adding & subtracting numbers with decimals & multiplying feet & inches with fractions, the latter requiring skills I haven't used for 10 years. It took a few minutes to figure out a proper system but I'm confident I got most of them correct.

The Evilmobevil was running on less than an eighth of a tank so I found a Citgo & Dad insisted on paying for the fill-up, saying he still owed me from our trip to the family reunion two weeks ago. This is baloney because he payed for all of the gas we used except for the detour that ended us in Arlington Heights which was essentially my fault. But I'm not at a point where I can comfortably refuse charity so I amiably accepted.

Our next goal was to find the A&W in the next town where it is rumored to have the nearly forgotten car-hop service of our salad days. My home town A&W used to have one & every now & then my parents & I would go there in the evening for dinner. It was a fun having food delivered right to the car & the back seat was a delightfully uncommon variant of the dinner table. Later the car-hop was removed & then A&W left entirely to be replaced by an uninteresting local restaurant. Business today was slow but they still extended service out to the car & we relished our burgers & root beer. I'm not normally a big fan of root beer but whenever I'm at A&W it tastes quite good. Anywhere else it's blah so I'm trying to figure out what it is that makes it taste better, be it the atmosphere, the frosty mug or something else. The restaurant is a little out of the way to visit just for lunch but if I get the job down there I might make it a regular thing.

Afternoon plans involved phil_bond & a plethora of newly acquired Super Scope games but when I called to inquire of his whereabouts this afternoon I found him too sleepy to do anything else, so we'll try another day. Everyone else I tried was either unavailable our unhome so I went back to plinking around on the old computer. I've been doing a lot of that lately. Partly due to seemingly unlimited quantity of free time but also because Phill is still staying here. I try to stay out of his way & since I'm usually up & about a few hours after he goes to sleep I end up in here. I spent the first several days engrossed in Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth but last weekend matt_william & I worked on installing Tron 2.0 on the SCS computers & getting them working for LAN gaming. It was an easy success & we spent some time testing the Light Cycle & Disc arenas before Tom's going away party. But now that I'm into it again I've been playing a lot of the online multi player games as well as downloading more maps & levels. I've also discovered TRONLINK which lets players looking for others find each other & meet up for competition while not in game. I found the REZ handler which is a program necessary if you want to use any custom made maps. The game, for whatever reason, has a built-in limit of six custom maps that can be ready to access at any one time. The REZ handler helps manage these & simply renames those not in use to a different extension. I'll have to get that on the SCS computers too.

I'm still working on that story I mentioned in a previous post. It's coming along nicely but slower than I anticipated. I wanted to get it done by the end of the month but it looks like I'll need an extension. Still, the fact that it hasn't stopped progressing like my other false-starts is noteworthy. I look forward to sharing it with everyone when complete.

In my recent days days of excessive computer use I've collected a few interesting links to share.

toastmastertom - Dinosaur Comics (dialup friendly)

the_tick27 - Montage of flip-book animation on YouTube

sacredspud - bi-weekly horror podcast

also: Painings of tin robots. I may have shared these before but they're worth repeating.

laviorli - Your Horoscope for Today flash video approved by Al. May take a while on dialup, tho. :-| May also be worth it. :-) (Warning, contains Ernest Borgnine nudity.)

matt_william - Some adventures of Capt. Avenger for when he gets more time in City of Villains

phil_bond - Super Scope games, for reals!

For anyone:

Flow in Games - slow-paced flash game where bacteria-like objects eat others under a microscope slide

Real Life Space Invaders - stop motion animation using people to play the game

16 common myths about athiests

And finally, the current world's oldest person died at 116. She was just a few months older than H.P. Lovecraft whose birthday was earlier this month. She could have read his work, met him, known him. Very, very few people are alive today that could say that. But since she was from Ecuador she probably never even heard of him.

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