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Catharsis away!!

A long post this time but for those without the patience here's a brief summary:

- Lots of good times were had, & tho' the bad times continue I try to remain positive.
- If you hear of Raiders of the Lost Ark playing nearby for god's sake TELL ME. Please!

Well, it's been a while. A really long while. At least for me. It may not seem like it since I've been posting in the interim but really I haven't posted anything I feel is substantial in several weeks. It would be easy enough to shrug it off & start somewhere else but as a writer with such an ideal outlet to do so these things press upon me continually until they find a way out. Once the stress of this is out then I can write more comfortably both here & on other projects.

Enough time has passed that the dates have slipped by but I can still remember the generalities of most events.

A couple weeks ago I decided I wanted to go to State Street & do some chalk drawings on the sidewalk at the Library Mall. I'd had success a week or two before when I used quite a bit to cover my driveway with several small colourful drawings & an enormous orange arrow. -- All was washed away in the rain that night but I had mind enough to take photographs. -- So on the spur of the moment I called Lindsay to invite her along & she agreed. I had more than enough chalk this time having discovered a sale at the used bookstore (of all places) for $1 per tub. When we got to the fountain she quickly began colouring "her square" with a large crab & I took my time adding colour & shade to some general shapes that didn't intend to look like anything specific. In the end it did sortof look like a colourful rocket & Lindsay suggested it could be the head of a monster. Both of ours turned out quite well & were made to look even better by drawings nearby of the children that she invited to join us. Dark clouds were upon us & I rushed back to get my camera. Just in time too as the moment I photographed her crab it began to rain & I barely got shots of mine before it was dramatically changed by the sudden storm of drops. I rushed back to the car yet again to get my umbrella & change into a dry shirt while she took refuge in an ATM shelter. I found her again & we made our way up to Pel Meni's where I treated her to the famous Russian dumplings I keep raving about.

She mentioned later in her journal that it felt like a date & it did in a way. Rarely do we have opportunity these days to spend such quality time together at such length & without interruption. It was very pleasant & fulfilling & we continued it by exploring the (still kind of) new Overture Center while drying off in their air conditioning. There were, as usual, some interesting & unusual art exhibits on display in odd, out-of-the-way corners & we found some rooms intended for purposes other than snooping around. We failed to find our way to the large glass-enclosed stairway at the corner of the building but we did find a rear entrance where she saw we could enter & possibly not get caught. She declared her desire to see a live show & soon, even if she had to sneak in to do it. She figured it would be fairly easy if you just carried an instrument through the back door with the rest of the crew if they're unloading something. I'll help if I can but someone will have to loan me a tuba. Still walking she asked where I wanted to go & I said "Anywhere but home" so she led me to the Karaoke Kid where I had my first performance since the bar at the Shinigawa Prince in Tokyo last September. We pooled our change together, sang I Am the Walrus & had a grand old time, despite being the only customers there just after opening. We finished at the soon-to-be-ex apartment where we watched the pilot episode of Firefly while she gave me the best back rub I've had in ages.

Less than a week later we had another very enjoyable non-date, also on State Street. I had one more cow to photograph inside the capitol building & I invited her out again. We shot the last cow on my list & since there was still time I took her up & out to the observation deck which is a balcony outside the dome & open to the public from spring to autumn. The view was great & we would have seen her place & Monica & Ahnika's new apartment were it not for the other buildings & trees. The view wasn't as breathtaking but still delightful through the window at the best table on the second floor of Noodles where we dined. Again it was a great time to relax & visit without interruption. I treasure moments like these because it seems I go for such long stretches without being able to connect with someone or have a conversation for more than a couple minutes. Being in a crowd can be especially bad so I sometimes try to seek people out individually. Sometimes it even works.

As mentioned above, my cow project is nearing completion. I've photographed all of the cows I know of & except for the photos I've yet to rename & organize I'm almost done. There are a few I've had to re-photograph & some of those have been moved or damaged since the first try so my collection won't be perfect but it will be complete enough to satisfy me. I'll make the download available as soon as I'm done but it will probably have to be via YouSendIt due to size. Otherwise I can burn a few CDRs for people.

The last time I went to Rocky wasn't so satisfying. I have to view it now as a social thing rather than a show because it's not as appealing as it used to be. It's still fun horsing around with friends but I'm getting burned out on the movie. As such, I'll be taking a break for a while to do other things. The Union South has some free midnite movies I'd like to see & there's always, um... sleep. But I'd still be inclined to meet the crew at Perkins after the show like we did last Saturday.

But before that, Colin, Lindsay & I attended the Twistin' The Night Away party with Toastmaster Tom's neighbors to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the devastating tornado that ripped through town, obliterating his neighbor's home & outbuildings & destroying many trees in the area. They were all survivors & life was in the air that night with live music, lively talk & great food. We stayed as long as we could & said our goodbyes to adjourn to our other plans.

Lindsay, Tom (not Toastmaster) & I went to the Inferno & had great fun dancing (certainly not flailing wildly) to loud techno/industrial/gothic music for close to five hours. I've only been there once before but it wasn't nearly as crowded this time so I got a better view of the layout with three bars, a lounge & a stage area in back where they had both bondage films & live acts. The whole night was wild but the most memorable moment for me (besides Lindsay's new denim outfit & Colin just being there with us) was when a hot & sultry Asian girl began dancing with me up on stage next to the speakers. She made eye-contact, we moved together & when songs changed she adjusted my hat. -- I admit, it's a bit of a turn-on when an attractive woman adjusts my clothes. Perhaps it's the physical contact or the moment of personal intimacy, or just that she notices me enough to change something she likes. -- So I went with it, we danced some more & between songs again she took my black fedora & put it on her own head. I don't know what it is but my hats almost always look better on women. After a while she invited me outside to rest & we chatted for a bit. She said she was going to "go downstairs" (aka. to the stage in back) to watch the live bondage show there & I agreed to join her. I followed her back in but lost her in the crowd & didn't find her until after it was over. We met up again as she was about to leave with her friend, hatless. I asked where it was. She didn't remember. She didn't remember taking it or even dancing with me. She was drunk, I could tell this now & she probably was before. So we went back & asked around at the bars & a few minutes later she finally produced it. She was very apologetic & nice about the situation -- I've seen many more unpleasant folks when they're inebriated -- but it was still a bit disappointing crashing like that. However, this event alone was not enough to sour my night.

Colin, who had left earlier for Rocky, called Lindsay to let her know they had just let out so we adjourned to meet him along with everyone else at Perkins for the after-show wind-down. Somehow I managed to participate in three conversations at once, a rare event indeed. Perhaps I was more in tune with the situation having been social all afternoon & night, perhaps it was the specific combination of people involved that made it all work out right. Or maybe it was just all I could do avoid Ash & his unsettling homoerotic gaze. [shudder]

Since this was Rocky night it must have been two weeks prior that I last attended. During the aftermath I overheard a conversation with Holly & Sean & I just had to butt in. Holly had recently acquired the first full season of Jim Henson's Dinosaurs & was proposing a marathon viewing. I really don't like to impose in this way but it was an opportunity not to be missed & I politely invited myself along, agreeing to bring some green onions for the dinner Holly was planning to cook. The event was moved to Caleb's at the last minute where we made do with his limited cooking supplies & I mashed a bag of potatoes with naught more than a common household fork. The chicken was delicious & we got in two or three episodes of Dinosaurs despite minor protests from Caleb. Still, he was kind enough to loan me his DS for a while & give me more impetus to get one of my own when next I am able.

This past Sunday, August 20th was our friend H.P Lovecraft's 116th birthday so I celebrated by searching for related videos & information online & reintroducing myself to the PC game Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth which I have been playing regularly since. It was a good way to relax after the Inferno the night before & rest up the knee I injured dancing (which, by this writing is still sore.) Happy Birthday old bean. I'd have read more that day if most of my books weren't loaned out to friends.

I don't remember when but it was sometime within the past month that I caught a cicada. It was late one night & I stepped outside to view the stars before going to bed. As my foot struck the deck I heard a loud rattling noise. Naturally I jumped, cursed & rushed back inside, startled. I returned with a flashlight to investigate. I found that whenever I stepped on a specific board I'd hear the noisy rattle from one area. I thought perhaps a wild animal was trapped underneath the deck but as I drew closer to the spot I saw a large insect stuck between the slats. Large as in as big as my thumbtip. I rushed in again for a jar, a pen & some foil & captured it for further study. It was alive & restless & probably annoyed at its newfound imprisonment but I wanted to find out just what it was so I took it in & subjected it to the wonders of Wikipedia. I found it to be a common Cicada, its blue & green shell & large membranous wings being a dead giveaway. I couldn't get it to make any noise but I found a website with plenty samples of other Cicada noises & thoroughly confused it by playing them all. I released it back into the wild soon after &, having forgotten my original plan, went to bed.

Now the bad stuff, but due to circumstances (it's friggin' late) I'll be brief.

I missed Raiders of the Lost Ark four weeks ago. My favourite movie of all time was playing at the Music Box Theater in Chicago for an entire week with a brand new 35mm print to celebrate the 25th anniversary & I completely missed it! Not only that, they followed up with the other two movies over the next two weeks. Goddamn it! Hopefully it will eventually come to one or more of Madison's art theaters in time since it's a rather big film having a rather important anniversary but until then I'm going to be grinding my teeth.

I had two job interviews earlier this month, both of which have ammounted to nothing. One was with a place I liked less the more I learned about it but the other would have been ideal; location, hours, pay, everything. The interview went great, I was confident, cheerful, knowledgeable & answered everything without studdering. Ultimately they decided to go with someone within the company. Crap. I would have hired me.

I called up Lifestyle Staffing to remind them I'm still alive & ask them to continue to look for opportunities for me. I'm not going to be as picky now as I was before because I really need a job but that means I might have to take something on first shift or out in [convulses] Belville again. I can still look elsewhere during the meanwhilst. Except...

The classifieds have been disturbingly scarce the past couple days. The category that normally provides me with three pages of results when I search madison.com's classifieds yielded me one result. One. I hope I don't have to start charging Phill rent soon.

Ah yes, one thing that's not bad here is that Phill has been staying with me this past week & until his new apartment is ready for new tenants. I helped move a great deal of his & Lindsay's stuff out last week (in the rain) & he's been here since. We seem to get along quite well & he's a generally quiet & polite guy. There's another week left & I'm not expecting any problems. Hopefully he'll be able to tolerate me for that long.

Gaaah, that felt good. Finally it's all out. Now I can continue working on my new story without weight of any other writing to distract me. It's coming along nicely (especially since I've already been working on it for a year & a half in my head) & I think I've already found a market for it once it's done. I'd like to submit it to Pseudopod.org where they present each story read aloud & released as a bi-weekly podcast. But I've written enough for tonite. My eyes & hands are growing weary & it's time for me to work on that new piece in my dreams.

- E V I L O U T -
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