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In short: I'm gone for the weekend

Here's another reason why we should limit our internet searches to things like "pineapple inside out dude ranch" & ""honey nut chevrolet poker".

A real update is forthcoming.

~ Jim

I had a really great day today & one of the best weeks in a while but unfortunately I don't really have the time to elaborate. There have been a lot of things that needed treatment that only Evil Jim can provide so I've been busy these last few hours. Plus, this weekend Dad & I are traveling into the unholy land of Illinois for a family reunion. It's an annual shin-dig but I haven't been there since 2000. For good reason. It's not really exciting & can be summed up as a five-hour drive to an afternoon of visiting with people I don't know & won't remember once I leave. They're all kin-folk but I see them so rarely that I don't feel any sort of kinship toward them. I don't do well socially in a crowd of strangers so... well let's just say I'll be bringing a thick book of Weird Tales & my Game Boy.

So why am I even going when I have this list of complaints? I mean, I wasn't thrilled the last time either but at least then I had a girlfriend to return home to (& I spent most of my time there working on a poem to give her when I got back.) Well first off, I've had so much free time this summer that it's finally driving me batshit. I need to GET OUT & DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT & this is good enough. Second, I'm doing this for Dad. Since he can't drive anymore he's rather limited to the places he can go. He's always loved going to this reunion & this year I'm the only way he can get there. He's agreed to cover gas & lodging so the only thing I'm really out is time & that's what I have most of these days. Plus, he's the only other person I know that enjoys old time radio programmes as much as I do & I'll have hundreds of hours to choose from for the drive time.

Crap. I still have stuff left to do in the morning before we leave. With luck I'll be back in time to visit with anyone who'll have me on Sunday. I'll probably need the company.

- E V I L O U T -
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