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Evil Jim

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07:50 pm: Technology update!
For those who use Cingular for their cellular phone service, you might be interested in new documentation for employees recently discovered detailing how to discriminate for or against customers by offering discounts to those who consider dropping the service. Click here to read more at The Consumerist

I'm not a Final Fantasy fan but this one... But most people will probably be interested in a recent contest at Worth1000.com for video games that never got made. (Click the example to the right.) I'm particularly interested in Hell Tycoon, which looks a lot like Dungeon Keeper. There's also The Adventures of Jean-Pierre Blanchard, a Hot-Air Balloonist that I might get if it were available for something besides the X-Box. And one more is Need for Speed: Amish Horsepower, that I would actually buy if only to add to my collection of other quirky PS1 titles like Skydiving Extreme & Dead in the Water.

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Date:July 30th, 2006 04:04 am (UTC)
There you have it. What Square needs to do to make me a customer again.
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