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Evil Jim

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07:40 pm: I'm back
I'm back & I feel better now. For those in the unawares I was visiting my grandmother for the weekend. While Mom & I were there cousins Betty & Ron stopped by to visit throughout the midday on their travels further north. Betty, I believe, is the daughter of Grandpa's brother John. I don't know a lot of family outside of the relatives I see most frequently so it's worth trying to remember when I do see them. Anyway, they were cheerful, friendly & energetic. It was strange to hear her call Grandma Aunt Rose, especially being close to sixty. I didn't have a lot to say & they were more focused on visiting with Grandma so I remained on the sidelines & & answered when inquired of. My Aunt Mary & Uncle George came over too so there was plenty of conversation to go around while I occupied myself with Metroid II or a book. It was a good day overall & the food, as always, was excellent.

Later, when all the company had left Grandma & I picked & ate raspberries in her garden & she showed me a bookcase she saved for me. I also showed her The Wizard of Speed & Time & was pleased to see that she enjoyed it. We watched the VHS release that sacredspud was kind to give me & I noticed many small differences, notably a few seconds here & there extendinding some scenes & adding effects to others. I enjoyed the little surprises & will have to study them again further once I have access to a VHS player of my own.

We got home a little after seven so there's plenty of evening left. I'm thinking of inviting someone out to Noodles or something, now that sociability is returning. I was glad to get away for a couple days tho'. I needed the escape, even if all I really did was talk to my Grandmother & play my Game Boy.

In regards to my previous post, I had just received the final straw atop weeks of irritation & I had to finally let go. I can be pretty tolerant of some things but it can't last indefinitely. I should point out that there are plenty of people who do not read my journal that the rant also refers to so I was careful not to name names. I've also thought over my own phone usage & will keep aware of it in future. It's not the cell phones I despise, it's the ways in which they're used.

Also, something happened earlier this year that keeps coming back to me. Whenever I feel under appreciated or unnoticed or abused, all I have to do is remember the extent that my friends went for me at my surprise birthday party to know that I am still loved, no matter how busy peoples' lives get.

- E V I L O U T -

P.S. Fun with satellites!


For laviorli: Lightning wrestles a rainbow

For crabmoon: Borg wrestles a cornfield

For sacredspud & phil_bond: Robot wrestles with dancing (scroll down for video)

For koriandrkitten: Salesmen wrestle with vacuums

For renny1780: Foamy wrestles Mexico

This just in: I've learned a simple trick to keep images from losing quality when I reduce them. Expect to see some slight changes in my current avatars & possibly a few new.

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Date:July 17th, 2006 03:29 am (UTC)
Jim, if nothing else, know that you will always have my undying love and admiration. I don't know if I have ever told you this but I really consider you to be my best true friend, and I thank you for everything that you have ever done for me. If life (or my cell phone usage) ever brings you down, just remeber how much I really do care for you.
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Date:July 18th, 2006 11:56 pm (UTC)
pretty. :)
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Date:July 19th, 2006 03:10 pm (UTC)

Let's try that again:

Out of curiousity, what did your grandma think of The Wizard of Speed & Time?

Aside from the torrents of Jittlov's short films, I know there are at least a couple of torrents which contain different transfers of WoSaT. I thought I'd downloaded these, but it turns out that I didn't. I'm going to locate them again in the hopes that one of them contains the VHS cut of the film. I don't regret giving it up, but I'm enough of a completist that I still want the "T-E-E-T" joke -- even though I find it annoying.
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Date:July 19th, 2006 07:54 pm (UTC)

Re: Let's try that again:

Grandma enjoyed it, tho' I might have found a better time to play it.

I don't care for the TEET joke either, but I'm quite fond of many of the other additions, like when Mike is working on the pendant for Cindy & we get a brief glimpse inside.

On a somewhat different note, if I ever learn flash I'm going to create a Give-Richard-Kaye-A-Wedgie game.
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