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Recording in-studio

Tonite phil_bond & I rocked out, & the rocking was good.

Now that I have an adequate setup for recording video game console sound to PC we spent the evening doing so with tracks from Guitar Hero & In the Groove. It proved to be a great success & we've already arranged to meet again to record more music, this time from portable systems. In particular I'd like a few tracks from my Virtual Boy games. Especially now that I've beaten Space Squash (home) which has some great music under the end credits. Anyway, for those who which to view our project, you can left-click here to download (32MB).

Space Squash, I should note, had given me quite the scare last month. I bought it through the wondrous eBay & it vanished within two weeks of arriving. It was one of those deals where you remember the last place you had something, having made a point not to be careless about it, and then find it gone when next you need it. I know I put my keys on the counter. There is no other place I would put them. So where are they now?? Well, the game ended up being in a different room at the bottom of a stack of colorfully decorated origami paper. Inadvertently moved there by myself when I no longer needed the paper at arms-length. Tonite, then, was spent in celebratory squashing while Phil was in the studio.

seanorange was here too, since he was staying with Phil this weekend & Phil was here all evening. He spent the entire time answering calls & text messages to, presumably, you people, who can't stand to share him with me for one minute. He swore he's usually not that popular & I can only hope he's right. Otherwise I'll never get a cell phone. Anyway, it was still good to see him & hopefully we can do something together sometime when he's not inundated with calls from his adoring fans.

Job hunting has been continuing without great success or failure. I made my second official stop of the week today so I can receive my unemployment check for this week. State law requires you actively search for work while unemployed in order to receive full benefits. Ironically, the checks are for more than what I was getting while working assignments. But hopefully the application I dropped off Monday will pull through. I filled the HELL out of that application. My OPI trainer would be proud. SAW, SAW, SAW! And they're hiring several people for that position too so my chances are better. But dammit, waiting is the hardest part. I don't like having too many irons in the fire in case an undesired one finishes earlier than one that's preferred. All of this, of course, will remain moot until I check the numbers on my latest lottery ticket for Wednesday's drawing. Until then I'm potentially a millionaire.

I daydream too much when I buy lottery tickets. It happens every time whether I buy once a month or every week. The potentiality of phenomenal wealth is pleasant to think of, regardless of how small the actual odds are. I daydream about what I would do when I first discovered that I had won; whether I'd hoot & holler or smile quietly in silent elation. Or how I would break the news to my parents, whom I would go to first for advice. Or about my dream home; a cross between the imaginations of Frank Lloyd Wright & Alex Jordan. I'd modify my car for time travel, time circuits, flux capacitor & all. (sigh) I don't want to return to the real-world just yet but I think video games would be a little safer for me right now.

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