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Evil Jim

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02:10 am: "His trousers will be encrusted with semen from constantly jacking off when he can't find a rape vic
The above line was used in a film I have seen within the past 24 hours, but not Primer, which I viewed with sacredspud this evening. I originally invited him to see the Jittlovian files I recently downloaded but he had acquired & watched them months ago when I had apparently introduced him to their torrent source. [shrugs] Instead, we watched the movie Primer, a film about time travel & causality. There is a lot more science & story in it than special effects & it works surprisingly well. It can be difficult to follow but still leaves one with a sense of wonder & awe at the intricacy of the self-woven timeline. I've borrowed the DVD from Colin as it will take a few more viewings to get a handle on things, but I'd better stop talking about it before I convince myself to watch it again tonite.

I did not work today as I was informed by my temp agency that I'm not to return to my previous assignment. I believe this was covered in my last post but it's still upsetting. I told just about everyone about the job & how happy I was to be there & now it's gone before I had a chance to settle in. I haven't even told my parents yet. I think I'm just going to be quiet from now on about my employment prospects until I'm in a much more stable situation. I did stop by two places today & fill out an application at one but other than that I'll need to do research for more leads. At least I've been approved for unemployment compensation for last week.

As I recall, I had a fun & busy weekend. Saturday I drug my TV & PS2 into the computer room I finally wired everything correctly to record sound from the game system onto my hard drive, hence the MP3 of Freezepop's Get Ready 2 Rokk from Guitar Hero. I also recorded three or four tracks from the Spy Hunter soundtrack before the game started glitching & I had to leave the house.

matt_william & I went to the local junior fair that evening to watch the demo derby & found it much more exciting than we originally feared. The drivers compete in a muddy field embanked with earth on all sides in front of the fairgrounds grandstand. They hose it down quite a bit beforehand so the drivers really can't get up to speed. I expect this is for safety reasons but it can still be a bit disappointing when most of the collisions during the first heat are little more than parking lot vandalism. No more water was brought out tho' so by the final heat there were some serious wrecks. At least four vehicles were forced up the embankments so far that it took the Cats to haul them down. One of them almost made it down the other side into the pit area. There were also a couple engine fires, visible from the stands & large enough to pause the derby for firemen to extinguish the blaze. It was a terrific show & a great return for me since I'd not been to one in a few years.

We went straight from the fair to koriandrkitten's for Saturday Night Frights. We arrived early enough to see This Is Spinal tap, presented, apparently, in my honor. But when time for SNF came we could not receive or maintain a cable signal. Another movie was eventually selected, something about lesbian warriors, but turned off & switched for a hentai film whose title I do not recall. This lost my interest & I ended up just visiting for the rest of the evening.

Sunday I slept in, did some chores, rode my velocipede longer than I should have & slept through the late afternoon on my computer-room couch. I woke during the storm & somehow managed to wake fully over the next hour before staying up too late again. I rode my 'pede again today but wasn't nearly as fatigued due to a shorter timed ride with company coming. I haven't decided whether I should plan a specific route & just ride that daily or continue as I have with riding as far as I feel & then turning around. I'm usually out between 40 & 60 minutes so it's still a good amount of exercise, & take water & rest if I have to so I don't risk injuring myself. Still, there have been a couple times where I had to walk up the hill home on my way back, but that was the only walking. It is a pretty steep hill. I'm tired, but it's a good kind of tired. It tells me I've accomplished something, & that it's perfectly acceptable to collapse sprawled on my front deck for as long as I want.

The deck does have other uses than keeping fallen velocipede riders off the ground. Friday Gemma was kind enough to help me go through all of the File 'N Go boxes in my back room. We emptied several & sorted out a lot of stuff to give away & even more that's just getting trashed. I think we made considerable progress but there is still a lot to go. When we were done Gemma stacked everything against the east wall which clears out enough floorspace for a bed, but it's not very practical so I'll have to make better use of the space. I'll have to accept that as long as I have all this stuff it won't be my ideal guest room, but with work I can make it comfortable enough for someone to stay for more than a night.

While cleaning out the boxes we came across some correspondence I hadn't seen nor thought of for several years. I almost tossed it until Gemma suggested contacting the other person again. When I was in fourth grade (that's 1986 for you young'uns out there) my school made arrangements with another school in the UK for their students to be penpals. My pal was a young lad of 10 by name of Neil Haston from Scotland. He likes playing on his computer & sent me a list of his Spectrum 48K computer games which, at the time, I had no idea what he was talking about. He's also a big football fan & sent me lots of trading cards which I put into my stickerbooks (since missing, believed cured.) His favourite movies were some I enjoy most now & his appreciation for ZZ Top formed much earlier than mine. He likes Transformers™ & has one called Smokescreen. (His brother has one called Twin Twist(?) ) He sent a photo of himself with his legs wrapped behind his head. His letters are are written in a hand familiar with print but struggling with cursive & are often random lists of things he's done & hobbies he enjoys. I have three surviving letters (I don't know if I received any more) as well as some of the origami toys he used to send. I wrote him a couple more times during the summer after school let out but I never heard from him again. I saved everything I could for whatever reason kids save things & they have survived to this day. It's strange, the feelings things like this can bring back 20 years later. I really would like to contact him again, if only to say, "Hey, remember me? Look! I saved a part of you." I want to send his letters & origami back & see what he thinks of them. Whether it brings back the same sort of feelings or just simple delight of rediscovering a piece of childhood. He'll be 30 this year. I wonder where he is. If anyone has resources or suggestions on how I can find find someone in the UK I would be much obliged. I have his first & last name, parents' & brother's names, birth date & complete home address from 20 years ago. Sorry, no dental records.

- E V I L O U T -

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Date:July 11th, 2006 03:56 pm (UTC)
I can kinda feel your pain on the job thing, except more with my attempt to find housing than my own work.

I just got a call from one of the apartments where I applied. They're telling me that my rental history is unsufficient and that I'll need a co-signer. And yet I have 6 years of rental history. WTF?

Apparently it's "against company policy" for them to use family members as a rental reference, which is where 5 of those years came from.

This wasn't some crazy-ass arrangement where I was living in their basement and they charged me some informal amount to occupy the same space as them -- they owned a completely separate duplex which they never lived in themselves. If I hadn't rented out one half, they would have found someone else to do it. They were bona fide landlords, end of story.

Fortunately, this didn't occur for the place I want, but it might. But it really grates on me, because I don't have a co-signer on my current lease...

They also said they couldn't obtain some piece of paper from my present landlords because I "haven't made [my] intention clear to move out". That's right. I have until August to tell them that, and I'm not going to tell them that unless I've found a place that I'm ready to sign for.


The guy told me that they were just gonna keep the application in file and wait until I made a decision, but I guess some genius when ahead and started processing the whole thing anyway. Of course I haven't told my current property managers I'm not leaving -- I never said I was going with this group, or any group for that matter.

Gah. Sorry. You may now resume your day. :p

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Date:July 12th, 2006 02:56 am (UTC)
Wha...? Huh? Well at least you know you have a co-signer and all. Hmmm.
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Date:July 12th, 2006 12:32 am (UTC)
Augh! I can't remember what film that is... that line is haunting my memory!
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