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Up up & away!

Just a quick note that Space Shuttle Discovery is launching today at 13:37:55. I'll be glued to my computer since you can watch live streaming video of the event.

I've always loved shuttle launches. I've been watching them since the early days & it still fills me with excitement & wonder to see one pushed into the sky on a pillar of flame. The closest I've come to actually being there was in 2000 when matt_william & I toured the Kennedy Space Center & saw Endeavor sitting on the launch pad ready to go up on the day we were to fly out. Some day I will be there to see a live launch, but at least until then I can still watch from my own home.

- E V I L O U T -

Update: Looks like 13:52 as I did not initially take into account their usual scheduled hold at T-minus 20 minutes.

Update: Oh what the heck. There are more scheduled built-in holds. Just keep watching.

Update of the third: Ok, less than three minutes left. Only one more hold window available at T-minus 31 seconds.

Final Update: Blast off! They made it. A perfect launch. Keep checking the links above for more updates, live footage from orbit & other related in-flight video.

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