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The most important event in the past day or so is that I saw the friend who I upset last week and we're talking again. I hate when I screw up. Hopefully we'll be able to work things out.

In other news: the chili I raved about yesterday is finally here. It's quite good, tho' it would be easy to mistake for sloppy joe stuff if I hadn't thrown some potatoes in there. I like food you can improvise as you go. Hmm, this has been in here a week or so, I should probably use it up. I'll just throw it in. Maybe that's how 'Ot dog soup came about. Anyway, this interest in cooking as of late is encouraging. It's better than loafing around accomplishing nothing which is what I've been quite good at so far this winter. When family comes down to visit for my birthday in a couple months they're all going to my place instead of my folks'. I've not volunteered to cook Sunday dinner for everyone, but I'll be helping Mom out and would like to do more than wash the dishes.

Called my loan officer today to arrange a refinance on my mortgage and get my interest rate down below %17. (Ugh! I know) He wants me to "drop by" with a paycheck stub sometime before our meeting. I said I'd do it Thursday or Friday, but after I hung up I noted what an out-of-the-way trip that would be for just the one stupid thing and how low I am on gas and cash. Carp. Since the bank has a branch in my hometown I'll see if I can have them fax it. I'm annoyed in advance because I just know they'll do some picky thing like require the *original* check stub. I'll call again tomorrow and be prepared to argue which I'm not looking forward to. I don't know how it sounds to other people but when I argue it feels like I'm just whining. I really don't try to, but perhaps from attempting to present my case without sounding like a jerk. We'll see.

In more other news: my cold is receding (again.) The symptoms only seem to come about when they are least easily ignored, like when I actually need to breathe through my nose or stand up quickly. With any luck (good luck, I mean. Good luck!) Colin is well on his way to recovery and I won't contract his (nor he mine, I suppose) when we get together to see the animation show this Saturday. I had a very brief and mild panic attack this evening. I called to invite him along and he agreed to join me for the one o'clock showing. After I hung up I went over the movie time schedule in my head, read from the night before. It runs through January 15th. I realized that today was the 14th. Carp! I called the box office for times and the recording confirmed my suspicions. I was preparing a mental not to write him later tonite when I decided to call again and try to find a HUMAN this time. Normally it's quite difficult with theaters since most people just need the recording anyway. Thankfully, the Orpheum isn't a chain and the girl who answered, tho' seemingly in a hurry, relieved all doubt by informing me that the show will also be playing through next week. In that case, I may go again. Did I mention Rejected Is damn good? Yeah, there will be other stuff there but this will make anything else worth it.

Been reading August Derleth lately. I've had In Lovecraft's Shadow: The Complete Cthulhu Mythos Tales of August Derleth from Arkham House for well over a year and began reading it only last February. Like a number of other collections I own I made it through about 100 pages and set it down. I don't know what it is with 100 but there are at least two other books on the same shelf with their pages held at that point. I'm gaining more respect for Derleth as I read. My first impression of him was of someone attempting to change H.P. Lovecraft's fantastic cosmic scope into something of his own vision -- which he obviously does by dividing up the Cthulhu Mythos beasties into "good" and "evil," and suggesting they can be held at bay with five-pointed stones and incantations. This was from scholars of Lovecraft before I had even read Derleth so I kept an open mind about him and took a chance on this (rather pricey) collection. Tho' formulaic at times, he's quite good and there are a number of stories within that I quite enjoy. Unfortunately, the titles are usually vague and I can't remember any at the moment, but I assure you, they are enjoyable. Weird. Eerie.

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