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Yeah, okay, whatever. I don't speak "Crazy Bitch."

I suppose an explanation is in order.

After long weeks of uncertainty, unemployment & other "un's" I at last have a job. Three days last week was spent in basic, get-the-general-idea training & all this week has been entirely hands-on. I'm beginning to find my way around on my own & I don't need constant supervision to function well at my job. It was rough at first & I was very slow, but by tonite I was able to keep up with demand & not feel so overwhelmed. This will change however when we're back to work on July 10th with nine-hour days & weekend overtime. Shutdown begins tomorrow & I won't have work for the next 10 days while the machines get routine maintenance, they clean out the areas that get overlooked on busy days & spray for elves in the bushes outside. I'm still scraping by financially but I'll probably have an opportunity to file for unemployment next week since I am on assignment but there's no work for me to do. With only four days this week I still haven't had a full paycheck.

So I'm doing pretty much the same thing as at Sanford, except with thousands of pounds of sheet metal instead of plastic office supplies. There is a lot more danger involved & screw-ups are potentially 1,000s of times more expensive but if I get hired on the benefits will be well worth it. Plus, freezers are somehow more inherently interesting to me than letter trays. Everything is assembled there from raw materials to the finished product & some time I'd like to walk through each department watching one being made. Maybe one day I'll even have one in my own kitchen, if I ever have a kitchen large enough to house one.

Other than adjusting to the new job & the constant worrying about my ever-dwindling finances there hasn't been much more happening . I finally started playing ICO after borrowing it from the_tick27 for several months & not playing it, then buying my own copy & not playing it for several more. I have to agree, "it really is that good." I should have bought it over a year ago when Tick said "Jim, you gotta try this game" & I saw it at EB that weekend. Damn! He knows some good games. Seriously, if he were a girl, I'd kiss him. . . but. . . he's not so, you know. Plus, I think he'd appreciate it more if I introduce him to Okami when it's released this September.

The only thing I can say against ICO is the camera. Some of my friends know how much I despise poor camera control in video games, especially when the camera is fixed & you have to watch your character from an awkward 3rd person viewpoint across the room & struggle with directional controls every time the camera switches to another position. ICO has this problem too, to a degree. But the camera moves with the character & you can look around almost 180º. It's a struggle at times, but I'm enjoying the game so much that I'm willing to put up with it. Still, when I'm atop the highest precipice of an enormous castle sprawling for uncounted acres in every direction inland, with a beautiful sunset over an endless sea in the other direction, the last thing I want to see is the wall immediately behind my character. I'm so glad they fixed this before Shadow of the Colossus.

I've noticed that I'm pretty stiff & sore when I get up to move around. After showering this evening I've spent most of my time either with my PS2 or at the computer. Hopefully it's just general fatigue from working this week & not after affects of crabmoon's birthday party. Ten of us spent the day at Noah's Ark in the Dells last Sunday & with all the running, walking, sliding, swimming & other "ing" related activities I knew I'd be feeling it later, but this is about the worst I've felt all week & it's four days later. It's not that bad, really. It just makes stretching out feel that much better when i do get up.

The day was almost perfect, I think, for spending at a water park. It was completely overcast & threatening rain for most of the daylight hours. The parking lot was barren & we had the run of the place to ourselves. There was hardly any waiting for the water rides, even the newest & most popular ones. We had a thunderstorm roll through about an hour after we began having fun & they closed the attractions while there was thunder & lightning. I swear, it's absolutely ridiculous for people to want to leave a water park just because it's raining. Our party almost did at this point but three of us stood our ground & wanted to wait until the storm passed. The rest left the park for lunch & sure enough, 20 minutes later the rides were open again. koriandrkitten, Sam & I tried out the new Dark Voyage did the Time Warp. Then we did the Time Warp again. We later met the rest at the wave pool & the day continued thenceforth. Most were cold, especially the girls in their two-pices, but we all stuck it out until the park closed.

I was feeling the effects of the day by the time we reached the classic Dennys & I ordered a lot of food, having not eaten the entire day. I was tired & not very communicative & spent much of the time in the van reading my collected The Maxx comics. The comic is really, just, wow. If you have only seen MTV's Oddities series than you know nothing. That story ends at issue 11 or so & there's a total of 36. There is so much more to it than a purple-clad superhero who gets lost in a wild imagination.

I found & downloaded the version of the series heavily edited for the VHS release & have been watching that this week. While researching the series the other nite I found an Online Petition for bringing The Maxx Animated Series to DVD & signed it. It's still pretty current but there's less than 200 signatures. It got me thinking about how many more people there are that want to see this release who may never know about this attempt to make it so. I'd like to get more names on it. A lot more. I've been thinking about taking those addresses that send me spam & add them to the list. The creators will never know since many of them are computer generated & used for outgoing messages only. I could just type them in manually & add a real sounding name & an honest comment. But I suppose that counts for some sort of fraud. Bastards.

Being Friday tomorrow is a good thing. Not having to work on a Friday is a good thing too (emotionally, if nothing else.) As such, I will still be going to work because my silly self forgot to bring my time-card today for my supervisor to sign. He'll be there, even tho' it's shutdown, then I have to take it to the temp agency. And as long as I'm in the city I'll grab lunch & try to find a cheap DVD of They Live. Other chores include:
  • Change the aquarium water

  • Mow the damn lawn.

  • Wash the damn laundry.

  • As long as we're at it, fold & dry the damn laundry too, tho' not necessarily in that order.

  • Go for a damn bike ride

  • See Shivers at the Orpheum 'round 'bout midnite.

And that should about cover it for Friday. We'll have more reports as they come in.

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