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Friday Five

Here's another Friday Five from thefridayfive:

1. What is the one outfit/piece of clothing/accessory you own that makes you feel incredibly good whenever you wear it? Why? I don't have a The outfit that makes me feel good, but I do enjoy dressing up for an occasion. Fedora, dress shirt (with cufflinks) & matching Chuck Taylor shoes for example. Usually plenty of purple too. It's a sortof dress-up casual where I know I look good but don't have to fuss about my appearance all the time. I also have some baggy shorts & shirt that I like to sleep in. They're comfortable to just lounge around in for a while before I finally go to bed.

2. What do you do to make yourself feel better when you're in a funk? I talk to a friend or invite someone over. This can be difficult tho' because it's easier to dispel a funk when someone reaches out to me on their own. Otherwise I feel like I'm being selfish by saying essentially "I'm grumpy, cheer me up!" If I'm alone I'll plough through the archives of some webcomic I particularly enjoy, or play video games & try to just forget whatever is bringing me down.

3. Has anyone ever surprised you in a way that let you know you were special? How? Holy shit! my birthday this year totally tops out!

4. When you are having a "good day," how do you spread the happiness to others? I call up my friends & make them let me take them out someplace & treat them to dinner or some fun activity. Or other times I'll cook a meal & invite over anyone who's hungry. If you're nearby it's generally pretty easy to tell when I'm having a good day .

5. What is one thing that puts you in a bad mood, no matter how good you were previously feeling? When my fish get sick. It's almost a headache just thinking of how much extra work that causes.

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