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Cow hunting, job hunting... what's the difference?

Well, as evidenced in my last post, I have indeed been hired. This time around it's at a good job & if the company takes me on as a full-time employee rather than a temp then I'll be rollin' in it! And by "it" I mean health insurance & other benefits I am disturbingly lacking at present. And by "other benefits" I do mean more than $10 an hour.

Tuesday my temp agency woke me up with another employment opportunity. I groaned at the thought of having to drive all the way out to Jefferson or worse yet, take the position they told me might be available on first shift elsewhere. But this one came as a surprise. It was within the city, my preferred hours (2-10 pm) & better pay than Sico. When they told me what the company manufactured (high quality freezers & refrigeration units. The kind that cost more than my house.) I thought it was too good to be true. I made an appointment to drop by the temp office for a drug test & fill out paperwork. By 2 o'clock that afternoon I was signed up & ready to go in the next day.

I had already planned a trip to State Street that day but after I left the office it became a sortof mini victory march. After five & a half months of stress I was now going to work at one of the top three companies I had been eying since word of Sanford closing. I went straight to Noodles for lunch, where my server delivered my food & said "You guys enjoy." I was dining alone. Then had a leisurely stroll down the street to enjoy the weather & my last free day before the new job. I found myself at EB games buying Crazy Taxi for cheaps & investigating their selection of Nintendo DS games. You see, a week ago phil_bond was kind enough (or Evil enough, your choice) to let me play his copy of the new Super Mario Brothers game. I quickly came to the realization that I must have it. . . And a DS to play it on. So once the dough finally begins rolling in once again I'll be shopping for a DS in the colour that's right for me & the games I've been eying. Yes, Mario Kart included.

I trudged back up to the Orpheum garage to retrieve my camera & photographed all of the cows between the square & Johnson street. My next destination was the library mall where more bovines were rumored to lay in hiding. It was a beautiful day, but halfway there the partly cloudy skies had become partly threatening & drops of rain began to fall. I rushed back to the garage to retrieve my large umbrealla -- twice passing a hydrant spraying its contents at full blast all over Johnson street to vent out some sediment -- I made it back to the mall area slick with sweat but nothing else as the rain had stopped almost immediately after I returned outside with protection. Unperturbed, I photographed some dozen or so more cows as the last vestiges of my rechargeable batteries gave it their all & finally died. Weary & footsore I trudged back to the Evilmobevil & called it a day.

My first two days of work since then have been pretty easy. I arrived early on Wednesday, as instructed by my temp agency, entered at the door instructed by my temp agency & contacted the manager as instructed by my temp agency. Evidently, the only things they got right were the location & time I was supposed to be there. New personnel are supposed to enter the main lobby & wait. Here I was at a side door where employees were lining up to clock out. The manager I asked for wasn't the right one & was rather busy at the start of the shift change so I had to wait close to a half hour before I met with the right person to get my orientation started. I got the nickel tour, was passed off to a supervisor who went down a checklist to cover the points the tour hadn't & then passed off to maintenance personnel for the start of my forklift operation re-training. In a couple hours, like a puppy I was following the the person I was going to replace on a maintenance cart as she showed me what the job entailed. I did this all day today & will again for one more tomorrow. Next week we switch places & I get to do the actual work while she follows & instructs. Aaand immediately after my training ends the plant is closed for 10 days for shutdown. Helluva cram session.

The people are friendly & helpful, the working environment is safe, clean & tidy, & if they hire me on I'll be earning more than ever before. I think I'm going to enjoy working here.

Wednesday night after my first day of work I wasn't entirely shagged out so I completely rearranged the eastern wall of my living room to accommodate the new (to me) entertainment center acquired & earned by way of hard labor the weekend before. It works great where I put it, but I've come to the realization that my CD library will have to be completely re-thought. Those three racks are great but with my new setup they just create more clutter. Plus, now that my television & video game system cords are inaccessible due to the new furniture I'm going to need a way to reach them to easily switch systems. Does anyone know where I can find RCA audio/video cords that are essentially extensions of the jacks? Once I have those I should be all set. To try out the new system, last night I REZed through the first four stages before being smashed by the boss. I'm way out of practise.

Speaking of way out, I'm almost there.

- E V I L O U T -

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