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Come to the Bronx, where the Trash takes YOU out!

Ahh, a lovely thunderstorm, all for me. It's been threatening to rain all day & finally following through. It's been beautiful, cool & overcast & I enjoyed it thoroughly. I've been riding my velocipede daily lately which pretty much forces one to notice the weather.

The weather today however, lovely as it was, forced me to wear jeans which forced me to notice how much weight I've gained. The one I wore today was quite uncomfortable & I'm considering shopping for more since I need some new anyway, but I'd prefer them to remain the same size. Buying larger would feel too much like admitting defeat. What I really need is a structured exercise plan & my day-to-day life isn't very structured right now. When I get a new job I'll at least have some sort of schedule. I'm trying to watch what I eat & if I stick to that the leftovers presently in my fridge could last me a couple weeks. (It's always baffled me how my other single friends always seem to have empty refrigerators.) My current goal is to stop gaining.

Partial inspiration comes from Adam Scott, whose blog I discovered a few days ago. His seven day non-scientific experiment ended this evening where he attempted to subsist on a diet of little more than water & monkey chow. The logic being that if he could do this then one could save thousands of dollars a year on groceries, appliances & dishes required for "normal" food. The monkey chow he bought is specially formulated for primates & people are almost primates so it should work, right? Well, he proved you can live on it but it isn't very fun. Adam has been posting videos of his progress every day & today was the last. He was going to film his first real meal after a week of monkey food & post it on You Tube. I've been watching all week but I suspect this will be the most entertaining update. It will probably be up soon but until then you can check out the rest of the videos & his blog at Monkey Chow Diaries.

I saw a couple movies today. The first was an afternoon showing of The Da Vinci Code. There's a lot I could say about this adaptation of book-to-movie but I really don't feel it would be worth the effort. The film was horribly miscast, paced as such that there was no time to appreciate the puzzles involved & too many of the wrong shortcuts were made in the story to keep it from running too long. Just for kicks I read the review at capalert.com which is angry, spiteful & utterly biased. It describes perhaps a quarter of the plot & then plunges into a sermon about Satan. I quickly remembered why I stopped reading there.

The other movie I saw was much more entertaining. 1990: Bronx Warriors at our very own Orpheum theater. I expected it to be like Excape the Bronx but it was pretty much like any filmed in the ruined part of a big city with a bunch of street gangs. It was awful, but laughably so. Colin, Merrie, myself, Craig, Caleb & Sean all made fun of it & cleared out the row in front of us. Also, Colin & I fought over some sunglasses. It was great.

But ugh. It's late & I still haven't been able to wind down. The rain will help & maybe I can find something to do that will easily combine with its presence. For now, I gotta cut this short. I'm feeling fat.

- E V I L O U T -

P.S. Interview with Adam Scott at G4TV.
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