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Today, the world. Tomorrow, chilli!!!

I was reading friends' posts the other nite and came across a startling fact, the Reel Independent Film Series is playing locally this week. More importantly, REJECTED is one of the shorts to be shown! I haven't seen this cartoon for a couple of years now and it was my absolute favourite from Spike and Mike's Festival of Sick and Twisted animation. By coincidence, I had ordered the DVD for the short a day before learning I'll be seeing it again upon the big screen. Gear!

I learned the above delightful tidbit of information from my friend miang, attends Anime Club with me. -- Not WITH me, but I see her there. -- I may actually get her to come to the next Craptacular showing since I'm amassing a collection of things to show that aren't actually "crap". They've played just about everything else from Fist of the North Star to the live action Dragonball Z movie to the Power Rangers. So much anime out there could qualify on bad English dubs alone but some of us look for something unique. Last time I brought What's Up Tiger Lilly? and someone else had, ugh, Cannibal: The Musical Next time (whenever that may be) I'll have Red vs Blue, Rejected, Strongbad e-mails, and lots of kewel flash cartoons. Get some enthusiasm up for the Craptacular. Eee-uh! Y'all be gettin' it good there, right!

I (woah, third paragraph starting with "I." Am I self-centered or what?)... I had the privilege and pleasure of meeting tlhinganhom online over this past weekend and we had a nice (meaning: no one ran away screaming) introductory conversation. A very bright and witty lady, I must say, but I still didn't explain what it was that I sent along to her in exchange for one of her special candy canes. I thought it best to let her decide what it was, giving it an air of mystery and wonder, not only to the gift itself, but also of its sender. It's much more interesting than saying it was the nearest thing on hand that would actually fit into the little origami box I'd made. Not that it was a half hazard decision, mind you. I gave quite a deal of thought to the quality, colour and size of what I would include, and made special care that all would fit together well. "What is it?" you ask? You'll just have to figure that out for yourselves.

Oh, and Hal, since I've seen Pink Floyd in your "Currently listening to:" section a number of times but only selections from The Wall, this link is for you.

Yesterday in the junkmail paper there was an ad for the local grocery store. Paging through, I found that there were a number of sales themed on chilli! Chilli! Something I've been looking forward to making ever since the previous owners of my house gave me their crockpot. So this morning after almost oversleeping (again!) I hurried to the store and picked up a few things for an easy chilli recipe on the back of the powder mix. It looks disappointingly easy, to be honest, but I have another recipe that actually involves work I will try after this one. Look out girls, this boy is learnin' to cook!

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