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It's Wizard Day!

Happy Birthday to you, Merry Birthday to you!
May all your good dreams and fine wishes come true!
May every day bring you its own special cheer,
The gift of our friendship, and fortune this year..!


We're here to help a wizard,
The Wizard of Hollywood!
For finding joy and laughter in
Our wild neighborhood!
In green jacket and tennis shoes,
A dream-maker of magical views!
All light and sound'll dance around
The Wizard of Hollywood!

Happy Birthday Mike!!

    .   . +  * .o   o.* `.`. +.
   '   *  . ' ' |\^/|  `. * .  *
(: May All Your  \V/  Good Dreams
and Fine Wishes  /_\  Come True :)
=============== _/ \_ ===========

- E V I L O U T -

All lyrics ©The Birthday Boy
Tags: jittlov

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