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I figure I better write now because I heard Strongbad's e-mail this week is extra good with games and stuff. Homestar Runner is one site I can't get enough of and I'm currently in the process of downloading the archive. This basically involves watching each cartoon and then copying them from my temporary Internet folder. I watched up to 50 e-mails one nite and when I went to copy them over I saw that most of the temp files weren't there. I guess the folder can only hold so much. That was two steps back from my three forward but it's not like it's a chore to watch the cartoons. Once I have everything copied I may do something special with it like burn it onto a CDR and make a neat-o keen cover for it. I'm still saving stuff for an Anime Club Craptacular showing (not that Homestar is crap, mind you) where anything goes. There are a number of fans there so I'm sure it won't be difficult to push through. I'm also still trying to drum up interest in Secret of Mana Theater but that's not much of a go just yet. There's enough cartoons available now to equal the length of a motion picture and if he touches on all the major story points in the game it'll be longer than The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Check it out, folks. No, really, check it out.

I had an exciting drive to work today. Lately I've been thinking on a story inspired by the 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky. The idea came some time ago shortly after I found a CD with the piece. It was during the finalé(you know it. Don't make me hum it for you) that I had a startling vision; a short scene at the thrilling climax of an adventure story. It moved me so much that I didn't so much imagine it as watched with my own eyes. I knew then that I had to do something with it, it was too good not to use. More has been coming to me lately. I have a reason for the scene to take place, a character and a few more details, now I just need to build a story up to it. It's not the first time I've started with an ending and worked my way to it. It actually makes getting there easier since the compass knows where to point. Of course, I still gots lotsa thinkin' ta do. It'll be a while until I actually put pen to paper but I'll be havin' fun with my new toy.

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