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This offer has now expired

Tonite I made from scratch my wonderful & delicious beef stew with dumplings. Unfortunately this may be difficult to prove because I was the only one to enjoy it & the remaining evidence is unlikely to last very long in the fridge. My spontaneous invitations usually don't work well, especially via Live Journal, & being Friday most people were probably off to more interesting things than hovering over a computer clicking "refresh" at their LJ friends page.

The dinner party at koriandrkitten & crabmoon's went much better with cases of dias to order. I'm not normally fond of them but Gemma did a stellar job with her seemingly common ingredients. One thing we have in common is that we both like to cook, but not when it's just for ourselves.

My next paragraph is written primarily for henrietta1 & sacredspud. Tonite I discovered a song & overloaded on it, albeit unintentionally. I was ploughing through the archives at thesneeze.com & came upon an entertaining article about the song Hawaiian War Chant. It's an upbeat & catchy tune written in 1860 & popularized in the 1940's & '50s with the Hawaiian & Polynesian cultural fads. Readers wrote to the author about a radio program that played two hours of renditions of the song. And you guessed it, you can find a link to listen to it here. You'll have to use Real Player, but it's totally worth it. The clip originally clocks in at about 58 minutes long, but once you get to the end the second half automatically loads. Yes, I've listened to that much already.

And with that offering, I would like to ask Sarah a favour. On our way to B-Fest you introduced us to a song that combines Enya's Orinoco Flow with another song that was something like Smack my bitch around. I rather liked it but can't find a complete version anywhere. Could you hook me up?

Two weeks ago I missed a party that, for whatever reason, seemed to baffle friends to later hear that I did not attend. I was merely visiting my dear grandmother up north for the weekend. With that in mind it may be worth noting that I again will be visiting my grandmother & will not be available this weekend from early afternoon Saturday to Sunday evening. We'll be observing her 84th birthday with the usual amenities. An occasion perhaps a little too extreme for today's youngsters.

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It looks like Live Journal finally fixed that problem I was having with the preview window.

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